Friday, October 31, 2008

To cheer you up Great Grandma!

Today, Owen's Grandma is having hip surgery. Not fun! So I thought I would post these pictures to cheer her up. There's nothing she likes more than a clean baby!
We prayed for you last night Grandma! We hope the surgery goes well and that after this the pain is minimal. You've been through so much!
Tonight for Halloween, we're staying in, eating a bake at home pizza and handing out candy. Grandma Joy was so generous to give us these super cute bags to hand out to kids so hopefully they'll go over well. We typically have about 20-30 kids. This year it's a fair night and a Friday night and Halloween so I am wondering if I underestimated how many will come by. Our friends down the street who live in a primo-historic district said they get around 1000 trick or treaters...not I did not add an extra zero, it's really 1000. You'd have to take out a second mortgage on your home just to afford the candy! I don't have a costume for our little peanut, but if I decide to get creative at the last minute, I'll post a picture.
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Winter Lawn & Water fun

One thing I'll never understand about Phoenix is why it is necessary to plant a winter lawn and a summer lawn. I will say, I prefer the winter lawn, it's nicer grass! Owen planted ours this Monday evening (he worked until about 10:00 pm as he did our neighbors as well). It needs lots of water so to help give me a break after a long day with Clara, Owen had her help him water the lawn. Although things look ugly and brown now, in a few weeks it'll be super beautifully green!
"Look Mom! I am touching the water!"
Clara was clapping but I couldn't quite get it on camera. She had a great time!
I love this shot. How wet can she get Owen?
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Owen and I are lucky enough to live near a great historical district here in downtown Phoenix. They have a HUGE yard sale every year and this year for the first time we went. We did score in several areas for Clara, but perhaps the best purchase was a whole lego bin full of legos. Owen has told me story on story about how he and his brothers would play for hours on end with legos. So here are some pictures of Owen playing with Legos with Clara...she mostly watched. But at least it was fun for dad! I love those two.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Life

New Life is beautiful even when it looks like a bean. As you can see in the photo below...the head has empty "chambers" The nurse was explaining how this was normal for an 8 week baby--Owen said "well, it must be a boy since it has nothing in it's head." You all can start the predictions because we're definitely not finding out!
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trip to California #2

Here are some other photos of our trip to California.

We went to the beach...

Surprisingly, Clara only took one mouthful of sand...she had a good time playing with it. I sensed that she was a little frustrated that she would grab a handfull only to have it fall between her fingers. It was funny watching her try and figure that one out! Had dinner with my 3 girl friends from APU....

Stayed at our friend's Josh & Heidi's house...Clara LOVED staying with Josh and Heidi who graciously watched her while Owen and I went to the wedding...she did great! The sweet dog you see in the picture is Buddy. Clara's new best friend~
Heidi was in our wedding--it's hard to believe but we hadn't seen them since--4 years was way too long but they're the kind of friends you just pick back up with. Thanks Josh & Heidi!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Two Became One!

Congratulations to Nathan and Andi Pallmetier!
Owen and Clara and I all traveled to California this past weekend to celebrate in the marriage of one of my dearest friends wedding. Andi and I lived together for 2 years in college and formed a special friendship...we've prayed and waited this special day for a long time! The wedding was beautiful in Dana Pointe overlooking the ocean. The reception which I don't have photos of was in Laguna Hills. Most of all though, we are so happy for Nate and Andi! We love you!