Sunday, January 25, 2009

What we've been up to lately...

So this is the life and times of Clara...she likes to crawl into our built-in shelves and play with her toys. Too cute. Fun things that she is doing currently:
Imitating faces
Taking 2-3 steps at a time (almost going to walk)
Talking in her own "special" language
barking back at dogs
RRRRRRRRRRRRRolling her tounge
Pointing to objects she wants to get closer to or hear about

She is definitely starting to exibit her independence. For the past week she's started to do the squirm from the arm thing in an effort to get down. She is not walking on her own, but is constantly re-arranging our furniture as she turns EVERYTHING into a push toy. I love my "pergo" floor for cleaning purposes but the constant re-decorating is getting a little out of hand.

Pregnancy is going great...uneventful. I feel huge. Funny because two weeks ago I was worrying that baby wasn't growing. I'll stop worrying about that now!
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Back Among the Living

So the above picture is what Clara has looked like for about 3 weeks...hmm hows that you say? It started with the stomach flu. Then Owen and I got that...then she got croup. That was pretty scary! Then she got RSV...which resulted in the picture below. After a few trips to the doctor, at least 2 weeks of not sleeping through the night and finally getting a nebulizer at home, Clara is all better! It has been a long few weeks, but hopefully the remainder of the year will be much healthier for all of us. She does look pretty cute when she sleeps with her bottom up in the air! It's so ironic that she got sick--that we all did because I am what Owen calls a "germaphobitch" pretty sure he made that one up. It's where I can be rediculous about cleaning my hands, my house and her toys OH well, something else I will have to let go of being a mom!
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Despite having posting issues with this blog tonight UGH! I am feeling mostly like my normal self during this pregnancy...I hate to admit but amidst being a busy mom I sometimes forget I am pregnant. I get a nice little kick after that thought though!
I am pretty sure that I am 22 (almost 23) weeks along now. Baby Maurer is moving a lot which is fun. Oh yea, we had our ultrasound a few weeks ago and baby is perfectly formed. It's measuring a little small, but with our history that's expected. If that continues, we'll have another ultrasound around 28 weeks or so. You can all join us in praying for a baby over 5 lbs! Here's a photo of our baby in the making.

Here's our sweetie pie in a cute dress from Grandpa Tom.

Family Photos

We are lucky enough to be friends with Kacey McGinty who I went to school with at APU and who is now a very talented photographer. She also happens to live in the area so we asked if she'd take some professional photos for us. We did the whole family here in phoenix so we could give them to all the parents as Christmas gifts. It was a pretty big hit over all. Here's the finished product. For more of her work, you can visit

A Holiday Update...

I'll make this quick since I am lame and late!
We had Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Maurer's house on Christmas eve. The big present was a Radio Flyer bounce horse named Champion for Clara. Although she's a little young for it now I know that it will be a huge hit in the future! She bounces on it for about 1 minute at a time now...but definitely knows what to do with it.

We celebrated Christmas morning at our house with:
Corey, Rachael, Olivia and Corey III
Alex, Jessica and Lila

And of course our growing family

We ate great food and fun was had by all. Try wrangling 4 children under 3 to unwrap presents. Yeah let's just say it didn't happen. The parents sure did opening gifts on behalf of the little ones though.