Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fun in the Park!

We're working hard to get Clara walking...trips to the park where she has a lot of things to climb and walk on have been great (and helps with a great afternoon nap). Thanks to our friends Marti and Caleb for the hat hand-me-down!

New Finish, Belly Shots and Other News

So this is our latest project.
When Owen and I got married (almost 5 years ago, WOW) his Uncle Steve was in the process of changing out furniture. Instead of selling this solid oak set from Thomas Ville he decided to give us the pieces as a wedding gift. Free is good at any point in a young marriage! We were (and are) so thankful thave furniture for our room, but I have wanted to refinish the pieces since we got them. I had a certain nay sayer who had prevented me from doing this, but finally in late January I just went out and bought all the supplies and started the project. I figure hey, once you start you have to finish! I moved the end tables out of the house myself, no easy task and we worked on those first. Then the armoire had to be a team effort. By that point though, the certain nay sayer was on board. The color is called Bitter Chocolate. It has completely changed the look of our room.

This is me at 28 weeks. I am in my third trimester and trying not to totally freak out! It's so hard to imagine we'll have a new baby in 10-12 weeks. I go in on Monday again to see how things are going with size and double check any "progress" because of the large amount of braxton hicks contractions I've been having.

I said I am trying not to freak out, but I totally am. I have lists and lists of things we have to get done and we've cleared most of the other things off our schedule so that we can get prepared. It's funny, with the first one it seems like every day since we found out I was pregnant I/we did something to get ready for the homecoming...with this one, it's like we realized we were pregnant too late and now I feel like we're rushing to get things finished. We are working on new shelving in the laundry, cleaning out the hall closet and baby bedroom closet, custom storage bins for our entertainment shelves, floating shelves in the family room and of course laundry for all the clothes & blankets for the new babe! I'll post pictures when we're done!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

So this is a little late I know...we were busy having fun together and not posting! Clara and I had fun making and decorating cookies together. We did actually make homemade cookies at my friend Amanda's house, but Clara was done by decorating time! So we made a quick trip to our home away from home TARGET and bought some premade cookies & frosting. We also made (well Clara put her hand in ink and I assembled) some cute valentines cards for Daddy and Grandma. It was really fun and special to do something like that with her. You can see the picture of the Valentine in the collage. I also tried to get a picture of Clara giving me her cuttest, Valentines day gift ever, a wet, slobbery, open mouthed kiss but the picture in the middle is the best I could do! Can you tell I am kind of into the collage thing lately?

This picture is of Clara with Grandma...I don't have very many photos of them together, I guess because they live her and we see them regularly. I was determined to get a cute shot of her wearing the LOVE shirt that Grandma got her. IT's too cute! We visited on Valentines day so she could deliver her card and cookies.
Yes that's a pretty nasty bruise on Clara's forehead. I don't know what she hit her head on, but it turned blue and sowllen almost instantly (before Clara had even gotten beyond the silent cry) so it was a doosey! I guess that's the joy of an almost walker! Hope you all had a very happy valentines day!
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Monday, February 9, 2009

A weekend in the Snow

This weekend we had the pleasure of going up north to Flagstaff and visiting Uncle Roy and Aunt Lynn. They're Owen's Aunt and Uncle from the Messner side. It was so much fun! We enjoyed family time together, watching Clara climb up and down thier basement stairs, the cold weather and mostly the snow. It was SO beautiful.

This is Clara after a was so toasty in the house that we decided to let her play naked for a bit. Her bod is really thinning out compared to what it was just a few months ago.

This was Clara right before we went sledding. We bought her sunglasses since the snow can be so blinding. If you can belive it, we added an additional layer of "water resistant" clothing when we were actually snowing.

This is outside the house...the day before there was absolutely no snow outside. We woke to a beautiful blanket of snow! Owen said I looked like a snowman in the white jacket. YIKES.
This is me and Clara after we went down a big hill. Thankfully it wasn't a very fast hill and it wasn't scary. This is Owen and Clara on their way back up. And Clara after we sledded. She was too tired and too cold to cry. Maybe we overdid it a bit!

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Italian Job the title only applies to the collage of Clara. Tonight was the first time that we gave Clara spaghetti. It was going along smoothly with relatively no mess then all of the sudden she looked like this! It was so funny because she had that "deer in headlights" look after we started laughing at her and taking pictures. We put her in the bath tub right after dinner. No matter what else is on her face, those blue eyes are still striking!
This is the picture that the title does not apply to. That was not an Italian Job. But this is the job that BM# 2 is doing on my body! I don't really like taking belly shots. This is me at 25 weeks. I feel large and in charge. My pregnancy book says that the uterus is about the size of a soccer ball at this point in the pregnancy. YIKES. Baby moves all over the place, way more than Clara. It's been fun to feel all the movement. This is post first work out at the YMCA--I just became a member so that I could get out of the house for at least 1 hour every day guaranteed.
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A baking Experience

Grandma Burkham with Corey III and Clara at around 4 months old in Sacramento!
As a child growing up, we regularly visited my grandma Burkhams house. Almost every time we were ever there, our activities included baking. From a very early age I can remember having her old kitchen table chairs pulled up to the counter top where we would watch and sometimes assist Grandma in making whatever it was that needed baking. As we got older we helped with canning fruit & veggies, slicing and peeling endless apples for pies, snaping peas, kneeding bread and steeling dough or fingerfulls of yummyness. All the produce by the way was home grown in their great garden! Good times. So I have always loved baking. Yesterday I thought that I would introduce Clara to the fun of baking. While the bumbo is not Grandma's kitchen chair, it sure did the trick in helping Clara stay put. She thought it was fun to dump the flour into the bowl. We made banana bread and corn bread.

She enjoyed helping me stir too. The top picture, she was getting a little carried away with the stiring and actually took the spoon out of the bowl. It got on her PJ's but all in all with only one miss-dump of salt everything that was supposed to make it into the batter did, and NOTHING that wasn't supposed to be in there. We made this for our friends who's daughter had a body cas put on yesterday. She has hip dysplasia--we're assuming that it'll take them some time to adjust to the cast so cooking & baking weren't on their list of priorities!

Too much fun.
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Morning Cuteness

Clara has been really funny in the mornings lately. Here she is this morning playing with her doll in the shelving unit Owen built last year. I have Dash each Monday and the more I have him the more things she learns to do with her baby...what's funny is it's usually a more brutal version. For example, the picture where she's squeezing the baby upside-down---that's her version of a hug. She also bites the babies hand instead of kissing it. These are my favorite jamies at the moment. Enjoy
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Home Team Spirit

Here is Clara and her daddy Owen channeling some "home team spirit" for yesterday's superbowl game. Although the Cardinals did not come out as the champion, we all had fun. Clara and I stopped first at our friends the Eatons and enjoyed a little bit of the game with our small group. Then we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the remainder of the game.
You can see the Clara is wearing her red and white (well it's pink and white on the onsie) and I also even sported a t-shirt...we didn't get a shot of all three of us together. I guess we need to get better at that! Clara was slightly overwhelmed with all of the yelling and screaming but she figured it out and occasionally joined in!
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