Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big Girl

This is Clara and James her buddy at the park. They play so well together. They play together without hitting, bitting or pushing wich at this age is a major accomplishment. Clara's giving James a "pat pat" as he gets ready to go down the slide. It's nice too because her momma and I get along really well to and have a blast hanging out. I attribute my ability to relax more and let things go with the flow to Amanda's influence in my life.
Clara has learned how to make funny faces and cracks us up each meal time with her funny faces. I think she enjoys our reaction just as much as we do hers. She also crossed a major milestone last night. She spent the night at Grandma and Grandpas house all by herself. She slept better there than she has at our house the past couple of days! I was so proud of her and it was a great accomplishment for me to "let her go" in that sense. It's all practice for when BM #2 comes.
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Park Fun!

Our Church Camelback Bible hosted a family picnic this evening and we had a lot of fun! Here's Clara and daddy just as we arrived.
Clara and mommy...I realize how few pictures I have of us together lately even though all of our time is spent together.
A family photo with baby on thew ay making it's presence really known. I am 33 weeks here.
Clara expressing her sheer delight at the park. Her pig tails make her look so grown up. I can hardly believe it. She played and played and is now fast asleep.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just words today

So it's been a while since the updates...
First things first. We had a dr. appointment yesterday and BM #2 is measuring perfectly which is a great answer to prayer. It turns out that it was at my 34 week appointment with Clara that they noticed the IUGR so I wait yet again. Heart rate is great, movement is insane and baby is in a cradle position, it's laying with it's but in my pelvis and being cradled. No wonder the movement is so strange.

I am feeling good...just tired all the time as my body is getting less and less comfortable. Owen's sleep walking and talking episodes are getting more frequent too so that's been special. I'll have to devote a whole post to that some time!

Clara is doing great. She's over her first ear infection and finishing up her first ever antibiotics. The dr. we saw was pretty impressed that she'd never been on any before. Me too. She's back to her normal spunky self albeit getting 6 new molars. YIKES you should see her mouth, so swollen. She's walking everywhere and starting to expand her vocabulary. She says -hot, gentle, all done, mom, dad, uh-oh, and now can shake her head no. So things are coming along. I'll post pictures of her enjoying her new baby gift soon. Thanks Mom & Mark, Dad & Lynn and Tom and Joy!

Monday, March 16, 2009

He Cares

He Cares. The Lord does care about my small worries and desires. Some of you may think this is trivial, but I don't. The other day I was sharing with Owen how I had a little worry about what am I going to do with Clara ALL day long when I have this baby and we cannot just up and go to the park? She's getting to the age where she's not really content just hanging out in the house all day. We were saying how it would be so nice to have a little play equipment in the backyard, something used and definitely something cheap since we're definitely on a tight budget. Again, last night we had this conversation and I went to sleep with just a little hope in my heart that I would be able to find something that would work on craigslist for under $50. Well Owen called me about 6:30 am this morning and said guess what? "Mike," (owen's boss) "pulled up this morning with all of this play equipment and said his little ones had outgrown it. He said we could have it if we wanted it." Well I am 8 1/2 months pregnant so I did my best not to cry and said most definitely! So He does care. The pictures are right after Owen had it set up and all cleaned up. He took it to the car wash station to get it really clean. Oh how my hubby knows me too well!
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15 Months

This is a recent picture of Clara and Dash playing together. Dash is now 7 months and is getting more and more interactive much to Clara's delight. They play together great for the most part but I am sure that miss Clara is secretly glad to have Dash's mommy come to pick him up at the end of the day! Dash still has my title of easiest baby ever! I wonder how she'll feel when our new little one comes and that one's mommy doesn't come at the end of the day!
I had to get our girl being "girlie" in the bathroom yesterday as we readied for Church. She loves to comb her hair, ummm as you can see in the above picture.
She sits on her knees on all surfaces which makes me cringe, but she's always ready to get up and go to the next thing! So sweet! This super cute dress is from my former boss Nichole. I think it will be a spring & summer favorite.
We were playing yesterday and I kept taking pictures and she was so curious about the camera I couldn't get a good shot. But I finally turned it around and showed her what she looked like in the camera and then she was stone faced the rest of the time! At 15 months Clara is...getting more and more cuddly, talking up a storm (mama, dada, uh-oh, no and still rolling her rrrr's), WALKING!, playing with her baby doll and LOVES to play outside. She discovered rocks about 2 weeks ago and when we take our daily stroll down the street, she is constantly stopping, bending over and picking up a small pebble and putting it in her grocery cart. I can't wait until I find them in the washer, crib, diaper bag and other crazy places. I think if she could be outside all day she would be. She's also cutting 6 teeth, four of which are molars so that has been special to say the least.
Pregnancy is going good. I have an appointment next week. I am hoping all of the comments from people at church like "WOW you look huge" are going to be fruitful and we'll be measuring right on. Until next time!
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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Clara learned a new trick. She was cracking us up at dinner last night. The new trick was old this morning when she wouldn't simply let the spoon come out of her mouth! I can always count on Owen to teach her "special" things!
Just in case you're wondering, pregnancy is still going smoothly. I don't have another dr. appointment until March 28th so we'll be waiting for measurements until then! Baby Maurer #2 is still an acrobat! This babe moves ALL the time. I thought I had dodged the hick-ups in utero, but those lovely things started this week.

We've completed a lot of the projects that were causing me to be worried. We just have to get our double jogger and borrow a small pack & play and I think we're all addition to having the baby. I do have to do a few more organizing projects around the house, like...
Cleaning out the hall closet
Getting a family room changing station set up
Finishing the custom toy bin project (this has been a long process!)
Doing a massive spring cleaning of the house, crazy things like cleaning the cabinets, behind the couch, beds, dusting the fans, and all those things that would totally lable me as a "clean freak"
For those of you who don't know, we have a tiny house (just under 1000 sqft) so being creative with storage and space is super important to me. So projects, re-organizing and being creative in our small space is an on-going process. I LOVE my house though and wouldn't trade it for the world.
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Clara is almost walking all by herself! It's been an amazingly long process to get her to this point, but I guess she's one of those kids who just wants to do what she wants to do when she wants to do it. Her favorite thing right now is to walk holding on to one finger. She actually does really well this way, and when she sees something that she wants, she's surprisingly fast! I think one of the sweetest things I see as a mommy is Clara having fun with her Daddy. She was playing in the back yard last night with Owen as we were grilling. She likes to totter all around the yard and I couldn't help but snap a few photos of how cute it is to see my baby girl with her daddy. Sweet.
The below picture isn't so sweet...yes that is what you think it is. Clara had a bought with the hershy squirts...and thankfully passed it onto her friends, mom and dad. So I guess this is where motherhood is both sweet and bitter? Anyhow, she's all back to normal and so are we. I couldn't resist getting the shot of Owen after he had swung Clara onto his shoulders, gave a quick sniff, sniff, and quickly removed her from his shoulders. I think he learned his lesson!
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