Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We're home and Happy

I promise to write more later but wanted to post pictures since that's really what ya'll care about! Above is Owen and I as we realize that the delivery of our baby is moments away!
My mom, Noni, Owen, I and Judah moments after birth. He looks so much like Clara!
We have this identical picture of Clara when she was first born. They look SO much alike at birth it's scary. Of corse Judah is 2 lbs bigger than his sis and has boy parts!
This is our first visit with Clara in the hospital. Judah was maybe an hour old here, but you'll notice that he has his first hair-do thanks to Grandpa Tom. It's a fauxhawk! (Ok don't know if that's how you spell it but come on I have a 5 day old). Clara has been doing great with baby so far, I believe this is called the "honeymoon stage". She probably thinks he's going away soon! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to Tom and Joy for taking care of Clara during our extended hospital stay. I had such peace knowing she was in your care and having such a good time.
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's A Boy!!
Judah Henry Maurer!!  
Born May 21, 2009 (Great Grandma Dort's birthday!) at 2:38pm
Weighing 6 lbs, 3 oz
Emily had a fast labor and delivery.  She and baby Judah are doing great.  

Friday, May 15, 2009

Still Pregnant and Water Fun

So this turned into a longer post than anticipated....keep reading though. There's a funny story about Clara!

We are still pregnant! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Maurer any day now. I have had more "progress" in the cervix area and am just waiting for the real contractions to start. Bring on the PAIN! I had a "proceedure" I say that lightly...done to help things progress on Thursday, unfortunately it usually works within 48 hours and OH, guess what, I am still pregnant. My mom aka Noni, came in as a surprise on Thursday evening because she was tired of waiting. I greeted her with shock and tears and we have been having a great time together. It's great to have her around to help with Clara in these uncomfortable days!

The photos above are of Owen and I at our friends Kacey and Chance's Wedding the first week of May. It was really HOT! But it was great to see a whole bunch of people from Azusa Pacific that came out for the ceremony. The other gals in the pictures are Kacey (the Bride), my former roommate Andi and our friend Chandra. Kacey is my friend who happens to be an incredibly talented Photog you can check out her work at www.kaceyluvi.blogspot.com Since we thought I'd have the baby any day at that point, Owen and I really enjoyed some time together sans little miss. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for babysitting her in the midst of their big move!
In Clara news, she's doing great. She is LOVING every minute that we spend playing outside in the water. As you can see she usually ends up naked....the other day my good friend Megan took us out to Pei Wei and Clara had a little accident. I didn't realize that she had a messy diaper so I let her just mosey on around the restaraunt as we left. I lifted her into her car seat and realized that she had her accident running down her leg and all over her shoes (how does that happen people?) So it was already all over her car seat, and by the time she had enjoyed playing in it all the way home, it was all over her. So what did I do? Like any good mommy I stripped her down stark naked in the front yard and turned the hose on full boar and got the poopy off. It was so gross. Need I remind you that it was at least 100 degrees outside and I am 39 weeks pregnant. Oh it was so much fun. I couldn't resist the pictures of my little miss naked in the front yard with the hose. The other funny pictures are of her are her just after a bath with wild hair and funny faces.

My sister will post next with pictures of our little bundle...well, to me it feels like a giant bundle at this point.
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Friday, May 8, 2009

Not yet

No baby yet.
I am pretty bummed. I am trying to focus less on the discomfort and more on the joy that all of our prayers about a bigger healthier baby will be born eventually. I feel enormous and tired. My house is really clean. It's 103 outside today so maybe Clara and I will hit the mall to find an indoor play activity. Whoo hoo.

General consensus is that this baby is a boy. You can all pray that I will go into labor this weekend! UGH!
This is a REALLY exciting post huh?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Growing Toddler and Growing Belly

So here's a breif...ok...probably not so breif update about what we've been up to lately! We're finally back on line and I feel as though I am re-connecting with a long lost friend...Ok maybe not!
Clara is 16 months old and definitely is a true toddler. She's working her toddler magic at becoming independent and wants to try to do lots of things by herself. She LOVES books, the bumbo seat, playing outside, hanging out with her friend James, fun time with her daddy and her new favorite thing, the swimming pool. Owen brought this home the other day as a special treat. Her reactions to it were to keep saying a very dramatic "Ooooooh!" Too cute. We had her 15 month check up a little late, she's weighing in at 21 lbs and 11 oz which puts her in the 25% for her weight...although I don't remember how tall she is she's also in the 25%. As for her noggin, it seems to be large, if you ask me it was the medical assistant that made a mistake measuring her, but her head is in the 75%...hmmm that's special! She's been sensing that there's a change a comin' but has been in general a very pleasant child. She's learning to cuddle, make silly faces, say words, and discovers how to play with her toys on her own (using her imagination) in new ways every day. She is also a total flirt when we're out and almost expects people to wave to her or talk to her...she's a total ham. I am going to miss her so much when we go to the hospital!
Speaking of going to the hospital...I wish I was there right now! I am umm let's say slightly uncomfortable. The pictures above are of me at one day shy of 38 weeks. I am ready for this baby to be out of me and I am really ready to sleep on my stomach. For those who know me well, sleep is my precious time and I am quite particular about how it happens...this baby has definitely interupted that! I know I know you say, you will be up feeding it in no time when it is born, but to be honest, I am up so much at this point in the pregnancy going to the bathroom and having contractions that it really wouldn't make any difference!
If you don't want to know the status of my cervix stop reading now.
I am 50% effaced and almost 1 cm dialated (btw how can you be almost 1 cm dialated...well maybe I don't really want to know the answer to that question). The baby is way down low if you know what I mean! This is of last Tuesday, I have another dr. appointment this week and if there is anything exciting I'll post.
You can start reading again...now to the picture in the middle of my collage. I went to the mall and picked out a boy and a girl take home outfit. You can let me know what you think Iam having and when and whoever guesses right will get an honorable mention on the blog!
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I am here and still pregnant

OK...so does that answer your questions?
Our internet Modem broke last week and so I have been without for a whole week...totally going crazy. BUT all the laundry is done, the floor is clean under the couch, the house is completely duested and we are totally ready for baby. So maybe the internet being down for a week was a good thing.
I'll post our pics soon. First I need a nap. That's been about the only regular thing happening in my life lately...oh yeah and being completely pregnant.