Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Healthy Children

I am so thankful for healthy children. So thankful. The Lord, knowing that I am stressed out by rashes, continues to only give me what I can handle. Nothing more. For that I am thankful.

Speaking of rashes...Clara's rash has been diagnosed. It's called Asymetrical APEC and is NOTHING serious. Although our dermatologist said that hers was the most extream case he'd ever seen in his 40 plus years of pediatric dematology, we can now see an end in sight. He said it was a "terrific example", so much so that the pictures we took of her rash will be used in his next medical journal article. We signed away "rights" to our pictures. Kind of funny. We have a stronger topical steroid cream and an antihistamine to help with the itching at night. Hopefully in a week or two we should see some huge improvements! She's with Grandma today and so Judah and I are kicking it "only child" style. Isn't it funny that I never realized how easy it was to have one child. That lesson has been carefully noted when we decide to add baby # 3 to our family!

Judah is doing great. Sleeping through the night like a champ. During the day he prefers to be held ALL day long. We're still working on a sleep, eat, & awake schedule. He's not quite as predictable as his sis....hmmm maybe that has to do with the one child we'll do what works and try and be consistant!
Things that are too sweet though--his simles and coo's. Too too cute! We're starting to catch some of those smiles on camera. For your viewing pleasure....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pray for Stellan

Please Please Please Pray for Stellan
He's in serious shape

Friday, July 24, 2009

Big Boy and Rash Girl

OK...Can you believe it? Judah is 9 weeks old, (offically 2 months!) It's gone by so fast already. He's smiling, cooing, kicking his legs and definitely interested in interaction...for short periods of time! We went to the pediatrician yesterday for his 2 month check up. He's 10 lbs and 10 oz. and I don't know how many inches. Is that horrible for a mom of only 2 to not know his inches already?

Anyhow, Judah is perfectly healthy and developing normally. He does have a "granuloma" which is a little left over umbilical cord, and hasn't responded to silver nitrate treatments. It looks like he'll have to have a minor outpatient surgical proceedure to remove it. YIKES! I'll let you know about that.

Clara is finally gaining weight! Whoo HOO. I took her in because she's recently been labeled "rash girl". I noticed a weird rash on her hip & upper thigh about 3 weeks ago. IT's gotten worse and worse. So I took her in last week and the head of pediatrics said he had no idea what it was. He gave me an ointment and said come back in a week. It's not any better so after seeing 9 peditricians (not even exagerating) with no result or diagnosis, we're headed to the dermatologist next Tuesday. I have pictures of her rash, but it's kinda gross. So I wont be posting those. So you can just enjoy our round faced little boy above and our family of 4!
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are you Kidding Me?

So Judah has been sleeping through the night the last 3 husband however is not! Are you KIDDING ME?
As some of you know, Owen has some sleep issues, mainly sleep walking/talking. I knew that the night was going to be bad when we found a cockroach in Clara's crib. Not wanting to jinx things, I didn't say anything to Owen after we scared our daughter to death....I mean calmly and quietly removed the cockroach without disturbing her! (On a side note, I keep a very clean house, but we still have cockroaches. don't judge)
I figured Owen would be on edge thinking about roaches invading our room so I figured that he'd be sleep walking. YIKES! Please imagine these conversations with a bit of Napoleon Dynamite influence! For some reason that's how we talk at night.

I wake up around 10:15 to
Owen:"Hon, you have to watch out, Clara threw the Cheese grater on your side of the bed"
Me: "Owen there's no cheese grater"
Owen: "Yes there is! I am just trying to watch out for you"
Turn on the lights now (when we discuss logically how we can end the episode--he calmly tells me that all he needs me to do is turn on the light and tell him to go back to bed. Yeah Right!)
ME: "Owen, there's no cheese grater go back to bed."
Owen: "OK but you're going to be sorry in the morning when you step on that thing and cut yourself."


10:45 I wake up to:

Owen: "Watch out he's in our bed"
Me: "Who's in our bed?"
Owen: "Judah. He's right there between us"
Me: "No he's not, he's in his crib"
Owen: "Well, he's right there now"
Me: "Shut up and go back to bed. You're crazy"

11:00 I wake up to the hall light on

Me: "Owen, I am so sick and tired of this!
Owen: "I am not sleep walking. I am killing a cockroach in the bathroom"

***At the end of each of these conversations, Owen always says, "Leave me alone. You're just an angry person". Like that's going to make me go back to sleep peacefully!

I go back to bed angrily...wondering why I smell Listerine. I don't know if he was sleep walking, really killing a cockroach or why he smelled like Listerine. All I do know is that if my 8 week old baby can sleep through the night my husband should be able to!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Great Grandparents & Birthday Babies

This is Clara with Great Grandpa Ervin Henry Maurer.
This is the two kiddos with Great Grandpa Erv & Great Grandma Dort. Don't they look amazing?!
We went up to GG's house last night since I've been in the house A LOT lately and we were missing them. It's been over 110 each day and I am a little cautious when taking the kids out when it's that hot. Grandma made a wonderful dinner for us and they enjoyed watching Clara play with her toys, throw food on the floor, and make her silly faces at them. Judah was a little fussy, but that doesn't seem to bother the GG's. In case you all didn't know, Clara is born on GGrandpa's b-day and Judah is born on GGrandma's Birthday. They call them their birthday babies.
***As promised, (I almost forgot) the answer to the Who's Who post. 1. Judah 2. Clara. 3. Clara 4. Judah Genetics are amazing!
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Mommy in the Making

I stepped away from Clara yesterday morning for just a few minutes. When I came back into the kitchen she was "pumping". The moment was just too cute--so of course I took a few photos. She was trying to lift her shirt too but couldn't manage everything all her own. Ha! I think I have a little mommy in the making.
**no the wet down her shirt isn't milk, it's water. Of course I never leave a glass of water on the table so that my curious 19 month old daughter can climb up, dump it down her shirt and dangerously drop it on the floor! Whoops!
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Who is Who?




These are our children at the same weight...not the same age. Which one is Which? Genetics are amazing! I'll tell the answer in the next post.
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So here are a few snapshots of what life has been like for us lately...Yes, Clara likes to climb up in the rocking chair every day while I am holding or feeding Judah and "help".

She's dropping her morning nap so it's hard to get her to stay awake this is her completely asleep in her booster seat just a few days was hard to keep her from falling out while I took the picture! She did wake up eat and go righ back to sleep. Too funny.

Judah is starting to have more "awake time" where he's awake and content. So he gets a few minutes on the floor with us and Clara is starting to bring toys for him to play with...which he usually gets smacked with later!

Above is Dad and Lynn at the mall when they were here. We went to the play area so that all the cousins could get some energy out. It was fun. I think Dad and Lynn are glad that they don't have any little ones of their own because they certainly got to experience what it was like watching for all of the kids, making sure they weren't hitting, bitting, or stealing things. Ha ha. It was fun.

Judah has slept until 4 am the last two nights. It was the Lord's precious mercy on me because I was starting to feel slightly crazy from the lack of sleep. It's amazing what 4 or 5 consecutive hours of sleep can do for your foggy brain. He seems to be getting the hang of sleeping in longer stretches. Now if we can just get him to fall asleep (and stay asleep) by himself we'll be all set!
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quickie Update

Things are going well in Maurer land...just at a feverish pace!
My dad was here with his wife Lynn to visit Judah over the weekend. We also had some friends in from California that are moving to Georgia. We were their first pit stop. It was fun!

Clara is out with daddy at the splash park. It's 109 today and we're feeling a little stir crazy trying to stay cool. Maybe we'll hit the mall tomorrow with the BOB!

Judah is sleeping in his swing...ahhh silence. A hot comodity around here these days.

If you think of it, pray for our friends Megan and Erick because they're welcoming their first little one into their family tonight!

Pictures to come

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Anniversary, Reflux & Sleeping through the night Part 1

There has been a lot going on in the Maurer household the past few days...Hrer are a few updates! Part 1! Haha

Owen and I Celebrated our 5 year anniversary. I cannot belive it's already been five years. We feel so blessed to share this life together--all Glory to God--for the wonderful love that He has put in our hearts and grown around our lives these past few years. I definitely love Owen in a deeper and truer way than I did the day we were wed. It's funny sounding but true. God knew that my husband would be the best support, hardest worker, funniest friend, miticulous cleaner, amazing daddy and the love of my life when He brought us together. Owen was made just for me...and for Clara and Judah and other babies that we may bring into the world.
We started the day as a family and went to the Children's museum of Phoenix. Clara had fun and Judah slept. Here are some pictures...of course a collage. The spider was velcrowed onto a cactus and at the top (the kids spinned a wheel to make it climb) a fan kicked the spider off---Clara thought it was hillarious. She enjoyed "planting" flowers and running through "noodles"

That evening Owen took me to The Farm at the Quinnessence restraunt. It was SO good and wonderful to have a 4 course meal without feeding other little mouths. We took almost 2 1/2 hours to eat--if you know me, you know that's a REALLY long time for me to eat. But it was awesome.Thank you Tom and Joy for watching both kiddos so we could enjoy ourselves, and for taking Clara for the weekend so we'd have some time to be together "as alone as you can be when you have a 5 week old baby". Owen also gave me a 5 year anniversary band...10 diamons filigre and white gold (the picture doesn't do it justice). It's a long story, but there was a promise in that. I gave him a gift card to the sunglasses hut since he's been wanting a new pair of sunglasses.

Anniversary, Reflux & Sleeping through the night--Part 2

Soooo...Part 2...

As you can see from the pictures above, Clara is still Clara bright blue eyed girl full of personality. She's still doing great and starting to learn that Judah isn't going anywhere. She wakes each morning and says "doo-dah" ( can you hear count down races sing this song doo-dah, doo-dah). She gives him a kiss and is on her merry way. Now that I am not nursing anymore I think she likes him even better! She gives him MANY kisses and has fun ripping off**err** I mean gently touching his toes, fingers, ears, eyes, and anything else she can get her hands on.

In Judah news, over our anniversary weekend he began to be REALLY fussy and having a hard time nursing...he'd nurse, pull off, scream, nurse some more pull off scream. After several frustrating days I took him to the ped. and she thought he probably has a lactose sensetivity ...not an allergy but aparently the 3-4 glasses of milk and 2-3 servings of cheese and yogurt I eat on a daily basis weren't working for him! So we switched formulas and I have taken dairy out of my diet on a trial basis. I also weaned Judah this week (sad for me but good for me too) because I have been using a supplementer which is A LOT OF WORK. So I am pumping several times a day and giving that milk to him but also using the formula. That way I know for sure what he's getting. The day after I made these changes things were still pretty bad and I asked if it could be reflux...hmmm...we are doing a trial 14 days of prevacid and things have drastically much so that JUDAH SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT AT 6 WEEKS! We'll pray that this continues to happen...and that it wasn't just a fluke from him crying for the previous two days all day long.
That's it for now...aren't you glad you visited?