Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Thoughts from a Three Year Old

Today my sister Rachael came over with ther 3 year old daughter Olivia. My first niece. She's a caracter. We did crafts for her up coming 4th birthday party and all the other kids were asleep so she was having fun getting exclusive attention from her Auntie Em and her mommy. She had us laughing so hard (as we tried to hide it so she'd keep talking) Here's the conversation between her and her mommy.

Rachael: "Olivia, what are you going to be when you grow up?"

Olivia: "I'm going to be a princess!"

Rachael: "What are you going to do when you are a princess?"

Olivia: "Spin around and twirl my wond and DANCE!"

Rachael: "Do princesses have babies?"

Olivia: "Yes, but then they can't be called princesses anymore, they're called mommies"

So true--so true. The princess days are over, but I guess the trade off is way better.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Noni & The Kids

Ok...saddly this is the only picture I got of my mom with both kiddos...yes, Clara is in this picture. Can you see her peaking in the background? As mentioned in the previous post, my mom and her husband came for a visit. They stayed at a resort so we visited up there and used the pool. It was a nice way to break up the weeks of being at home.

Judah is sleeping through the night regularly which is amazing. He's not woken in the middle of the night for more than 2 weeks. He's also able to get himself to sleep by himself at an early bed time--it was work to establish for sure but definitely worth it. I had been laying him down, only to have him scream each time from 7 to mid night ish for a couple of weeks and that wasn't working for any of us any more! Working on a napping schedule still. He's SUPER happy after good naps and is cooing and very active! Well--as active as a 3 month old can be.

Clara is saying new words every day! Today she whipped out "Purple" (and it really was purple playdoh), and "Ant" as we were drawing with chalk outside. She's also saying Juice, Baby, Ball, Hello, and a few other words I can understand but don't really sound like anything in particular. She keeps me on my toes for sure.
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Catch Up

Clara--oh the many faces!
Judah--oh the many faces! He has a dimple, and not just the one in his chin.
Mommy and Judah--hanging cool in the Moby.
I believe this is the first appearance that "Grumpa" has made on the blog! We had a wonderful visit from my mom and her husband Mark who we affectionately call "Grumpa". Despite his pretending, I can tell he LOVES the grandbabies (in small doeses) and we were all happy to share our kiddos with him. The above picture is of Clara after she'd "flirted" with Grumpa for a few minutes and finally won a seat in his lap and a kiss on her cheek!
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chalk it up to outside play time!

Clara discovered sidewalk chalk this week! We've had the package of chalk since Easter but I knew that she wasn't quite ready for the joy it would bring her--until yesterday! I was running the sprinkler as a "mister" system but then I realized that the chalk looked really cool in the water...then Clara discovered that wet chalk=paint. So it went from there. I drew her a flower and she had to bend over and "smell it" which is more like licking it. YUK. She only put the chalk in her mouth 1 time. Pretty darn cute!

I'll post more pictures of Judah soon!
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Thursday, August 6, 2009's a masterpiece.

How could I feel any different when I get to see....
These beautiful faces every day! These are my children's reactions to...
their mommy and daddy.
Yep, I'd say more masterpiece that madness. (see previous post)
I'll just have to remember that at 3 am tomorrow morning!
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Maurer Madness!

Life has been a little more like Maurer Madness lately than masterpiece! I guess that's life with two under two. I unfortunately have succumbed to the frustration and anger that can boil up in my heart when things aren't coming together like a masterpiece. Yes, I admit it--I am a total control freak!
Isn't that just the way the Lord works though? When things are nice and perfect as a painting, I feel less inclined to lean on the Lord and trust Him whole heartily--I go along my merry way trusting in my capabilities as a mom, wife, sister, and friend to get through my days and weeks. I act as though I've got things together and life is truly that masterpiece. Acknowledging when asked that the Lord is the center of my life, but hardly acting on that as life and breath.
BUT LATELY, hmmm things aren't as "michael-angelo-ish" as I'd like them to be and my composure completely falls apart. I am short with my kiddos and less than loving to my husband.
Isn't this just like the Lord to call me back to him and show me that I am not the "artist" or creator of my own masterpiece, but that HE is the one who is crafting my family, my children, and especially me. He's crafting me into a better more loving, patient, compassionate, mom, wife, sister and friend. He's the one in control of how the paintbrush is stroked so to speak. I can try with all of my might to yank that paintbrush--to take control of my life, my kids and my husband, but it's all in vain. I know that I know this, but sometimes I forget that I know this and I must be re-taught! Isn't it great to know that the Lord has new mercy every day for those "thick sculled" masterpieces he's created? I can be the one who comes humbly before the Lord each day and ask that I can have the same mercies pured into my soul to give to my family.
Is my house completely spotless, no. Do my children play happily and nap soundly whenever I want? Definitely no. (so trying not to be frustrated by that!) Do Owen and I always see eye to eye? More often than not. BUT I have to let those things go because in the overall picture of my life, I wont remember who napped well, when my house was clean or when Owen and I had little disagreements. I will remember however, the love that grew in my heart each day as I served my children and my husband. That's what's important and I believe there is only ONE who could put that love in my heart. The artist has been asking me to come back to His studio a little more often these days--in a not so subtle way!
I have to wonder if when I titled this blog "Maurer Masterpiece" that it was God's little reminder that YES this life I am living is a masterpiece...sometimes it's a crazy and unkempt masterpiece, but a masterpiece none the less.