Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Wedding

We went to Texas for my cousin Paul's wedding...I remember the day my aunt brought him home from the hospital! Of course, due to a certain, ehem, two children, I didn't get to actually watch the wedding ceremony. But watching these two was pretty fun!
That's as good as it gets folks...oh the joys of trying to capture two on camera.
This shot is priceless. I don't believe I've ever seen my grandmother dance...ever. But at the reception, all 5 of her great grandchildren (all those who were present at least) danced the night away...Grandma couldn't contain herself so she busted a move for us all. I am so glad we caught it on camera, it's likely to never happen again!
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Hangin out moments

This just about sums it up!
Alex & Lila
A rare moment for the cousins to both look at the camera at the same time! To sweet!
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Traveling Diva

Clara took her 2nd plane flight--and wow was she funny! She had no fear of anyone in the airport. She had no fear of the air plane...

She was unphased by the noise, the crowd or...
The take off. Yep, this is her while we're ripping down the runway, Clara's completely unaware! Such a diva.
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This is me & Judah on our way to Texas...Judah took four 20 minute power naps and was as happy as a clam the whole trip! See...asleep
And awake.
Happy as a clam!
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Friday, November 13, 2009


Can you tell?
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Goat, A Child, A Fan, and Black Gunk

What does a goat, a child, a fan and black gunk have in comon? It's no mystery, nothing except these are all the very interesting episodes that played out in Owen's latest sleep talking saga. The past few nights have been interesting to say the least! I thought I would share some of the funny things that happen throughout the night. This time I can say, I was completely awake during these episodes. I've not been sleeping well--at least I am entertained!

I am laying quietly next to Owen.

He begins to touch my arm and back like he's rubbing something in.

Owen: Em, there's black gunk all over you. Just look at my hand!

Me: what does it look like? Where's it from?

Owen: I don't know but it's gross

Sleep (for Owen)

I am laying way on my side of the bed trying to get comfortable...

Owen: I've got to get her down!
Me: Get who down from where?
Owen: Clara's hanging from the cieling fan. She's gonna get hurt if we don't get her down.
I've got to figure out some way to get her down.
Me: Owen, she's not on the ceiling fan.

Owen gets up and goes into the kids room, waking himself up as he turns on the light.

Owen: Where is he?
Me: Where is who?
Owen: You know, the goat you told me was in here.
Me: Owen, I didn't tell you there was a goat in here.
Owen: Yes you did. You said it like 10 times and woke me up.
Me: No I didn't
Owen: Well where ever he is, if he's in here I am going to kill him.
Me: kill who?
Owen: The goat.

And just for your information--we did not discuss children hanging from cieling fans, goats or black gunk in any shape or form before falling asleep. These are all straight from the brain of the man I love.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sweet Potato Humble Pie

These two pictures are quite possibly the UGLIEST (I say that in the most loving way of course) pictures I've ever seen of my very own beautiful daughter...but they're pretty darn funny! I had just finished bragging to our small group mom's about how Clara's not skipped a nap since we put her in a big girl bed and went on to toot my own horn about how successful we'd been at teaching her that sleeping during nap time was not an option. Well, although she wasn't in the room to enjoy that conversation, she certainly wanted to serve me up a slice of humble pie! Oh yes did she ever. Clara battled her nap for THREE WHOLE HOURS the very next day. Spanking, disciplinging, crying, more spakinging, and finally giving up is what we did during nap time. I finally gave up when I found her with one leg over her sleeping brother's crib. An hour and a half later this was the scene. Yes my beautiful daughter was completely asleep at the dinner table. That is sweet potato all over her face. I am not sure how it really got to being smeared all over her face like that but man she was out cold! Parenting is humbling--oh so humbling.
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Clara decided that holding Judah
could be fun for a moment.
Just for a moment. He was dumped from her lap seconds after this photo was taken! I love kids in their footie pajamas.
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The grass is greener...

in my own front yard. This past Saturday morning...we were not rushing around to start projects or go anywhere for the first time in a long time. I was standing in my kitchen making pancakes, the whether outside was beautiful and so was my view. Judah playing on his playmat placed just inside the open front door, Clara with her sippy cup, stripped PJ's, and bright green crocks running to play with him and daddy watering the grass. The grass is definitely green in my own front yard.
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holding this one a little closer...

Excuse the flash...but it was just that quick of a moment...a flash of a second that makes me hold this one a little closer this week.
Clara woke Judah up early from his nap (unfortunately) and so I left him in his crib to see if he'd get back to sleep...5-10 minutes into his fussing, I thought his cry sounded different. I went and picked him up and I could tell he was having trouble breathing. He was working very hard to take in a breath. I thought I'd get him calmed down quickly and it would pass. About 30 seconds later I knew something wasn't right. I called Owen quickly to let him know what was going on...
I called 9-1-1 the next second. Judah continued to struggle to take a deep breath and I took his clothes off to look at him--all his torso muscles were working really hard, not normal. The fire department arrived about 3 minutes later and assessed Judah. He had a puls ox of 83 and it started to go up as they continued to monitor him and he improved very quickly. I refused the ambulance transport--Owen walked in the door and we packed up to go to the pediatricians office. So we have no idea what was really wrong--the ped. said it was a bronchial spasm--hmm I've never heard of that. But all I know--I was so glad that I called the paramedics, I have never been so scared in my life, I am glad by the time we got to the doctors office Judah was smiling, laughing and eating...and I've been holding my little man a little closer.
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Baking & Cooking Day

My BFF Amanda and her two cutie pies came over to help us make...yep you guessed it...pies. Oh wait. I don't make pies. We made banana bread, pumpkin bread and southwest chicken bake. Above is the token action shot. We did really let the kids help stir and dump.
Say Cheese! Unfortunately we couldn't get them to say cheese at the same time...of course since it's my blog, Clara's cheese face won out.

And here are our two little cuties on the play mat. Maebelle is 6 weeks old. You can see how beautiful Maebelle is. Judah definitely agrees!
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