Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Da...he says

Judah has been becoming more and more active lately. And definitely more vocal! He's making noise all the time. His favorites are Da, raspberries, high pitch screaming*, grunting and of course his favorite, crying. He's also starting to move around if he's put on his tummy. He has the 360 degree turn down pat, especially at bed time. Most of the time if he's on his tummy he looks like he's trying to swim on land which is pretty funny to watch. It wont be long before he's scooting and crawling.

*I am sure that his older sister Clara has taught him the fine art of high pitch screaming along with that fine whine she has. Oh the joys of siblings. My parents of course would say that the screaming is "pay back". I may have been known to let it rip every once in a while when I was a little girl.
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Prilly, She Says

Clara has been talking SO much lately. It's getting to the point where Owen and I have to be very careful what we say in front of her lest we teach her a word we wouldn't want her to repeat in public! In an effort to record all of her sweet words, here they are. Prilly=pretty, heebee=heavy, pannies=panties (you have to say it with a spanish accent to get the real affect), realreal=cereal, habby=happy, wing=swing, nack=snack, Those are all the "altered" words that she says that I can think of at the moment, but she also has a whole lot of words that she says perfectly. She knows the majority of the body parts, juice, milk, door, car, outside, pee, poop, wet, pants, shirt, shoes, socks, tights, hair, etc. It's so amazing how she's a little sponge. It seems she picks up a new word each day! Her favorite phrase to say right now is "I did it!" She uses that when she accomplishes something, goes potty in the toilet, or puts her toys away. This is such a fun time for me (and challenging for sure!) and it's going by so fast. I hope I never forget her sweet sweet voice and the silly way she says her new words.
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Put a Sock in It!

Litterally! We had a couple weeks of pretty nasty illness for the kiddos. Both ended up with an ear infection and a lingering cough. It was the first time that we had both kids sick at the same time. Wow. It was intense to say the least. So bad in fact, that all I could do was put a sock in it. Litterally. I had tried EVERYTHING to make Judah happy one particular day--he was having none of it. But he pulled his sock off and did me a favor and shoved it in his mouth. And low and behold he was happy. So now when he's cranky I just tell him to put a sock in it. Ha. I crack myself up!
My sweetie pie Clara was also "special" while she was sick. However, she wasn't playing or being active at all. I thought it kind of strange considering the fact that she's usually bouncing off the walls. When we took Judah in to get his ears checked, we discovered that she had some remaining effects of her mild pneumonia left over and she wasn't really breathing well. Whoops. I totally missed that. Perhaps that was why she was going for long periods of time sitting in one place just kind of playing with her toys. It's never good when your pediatrician calls you the mom, by her first name, and says "Emily, do you know that your daughter isn't breathing normally?". As a matter of fact, no. 48 hours of breathing treatments every 4 hours fixed the problem in no time...
of course an ice cream cone made everything better too!
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Friday, January 8, 2010

Fun times with Daddy

Oh how we know that this is just the beginning...Judah being dressed and teased by his older sister! At least its not pink.
This is Clara looking oh so satisfied about how well Judah liked his new look!
Judah also has a fun time being pushed around the house in the lego box by Clara...that is until he takes a face plant. Yikes.
There's one happy daddy! Where do you think Judah gets it? These pictures of my smiling kids are all a result of the kids playing with daddy. He has such a special gift of creating fun for the kids. There's never a dull moment in our house!
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