Monday, March 29, 2010

Not much to say...

Surprised? I really don't have much to say tonight. But I can't help but post pictures of the three loves of my life. First, Judah--and all of his smiles...and drool. He's getting four teeth on top, the drool is a constant thing for him. He's scooting up a storm, has learned how to pull himself up on a lot of different pieces of furniture. He crawls occasionally when he's feeling brave. His knees are so raw!
Clara is the quintessential daddy's girl. She absolutely LOVES playing outside with her dad. No matter what he's doing, she wants to be doing it with him. He is wonderful at including Clara in all of his tasks & projects, even if her "help" makes things take a little longer and makes more of a mess.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Boys

(From left to right starting w/ boy in green, Shane, Bradley, Judah and Ryker)
Everyother Tuesday I have the privilage of enjoying a "play group" with about 10-15 other women from our church & local community. We're finishing up a study going through The Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. We decided that we should use our time to admonish one another rather than just hang out. I think it's been a rich experience for all of us so far. We were all behind on our reading (surprise surprise) today though and so we had more just play time. There happens to be a lot of boys...and two more on the way in our group. As you can see, they're not short on personality. I think that all of us will enjoy seeing these boys grow up together...and prayerfully come to know the joy of loving and serving our Savior!

An update on All things Clara & Judah

Miss Clara is wearing her "two-ness" like a prized jewel. She has moments of beautiful sweetness where her hair is done, she's properly dressed, she plays nicely and quietly. Then....she has other moments were the hair goes flying, the screaming is at a fever pitch and there is no sweetness in sight. The funny thing is, all of the photos above were taken all within about 5 minutes, and you can see all the sides of Clara. We spend a lot of time outside swinging in the morning and afternoon. Her language is exploding--it seems every day there is a new word that she suprises us! She can also count to 10 (most days). We're working on learning songs and she has a blast singing to me while we run in the morning. The weather here is beautiful by the way!
Judah is almost 10 months old! I can hardly believe it. He's definitely scooting and occasionally crawling. He is also super interested in pulling himself up on things, especially my legs which has made getting around the house a little difficult sometimes. We'll be going back to the Dr. for another weight check as he's had a hard time gaining since December. We're hoping that we're over the hump. With him moving all the time I am sure that his calories are burned up super fast. He's having a lot of fun with his sister and absolutely lights up whenever she walks into the room.
Here's a quick snapshot of the evening routine. Owen, the best daddy in the whole world, gives the kids a shower or a bath most nights. Clara and Judah have so much fun in the bath together. I love the pictures of them in their PJ's, they look like they're in cahoots together. Is that a forboding of things to come?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Still Here!

I am still here. Obviously. I am writing this.
We've been a busy family lately and at the end of the day or during nap time when I usually blog, I'd rather just sit & veg or go to sleep.
There have been a lot of "normal" things going on--kids growing, kids not growing, kids having lots of "pee pee acidents" in the car and so on. Life is good and normal. I can handle that.

Owen and I have been dreaming about expanding our family and expanding our house. Those definitely go hand in hand but will probably not go "time in time" if you get what I mean! We have been having a blast watching Judah and Clara form a beautiful brother / sister relationship...well I guess it's beautiful most of the time when Clara is not sitting on, pushing over, stepping on, hitting, bitting, pinching or pulling hair--let's be honest. She can be a little rough some times. Hearing the two of them laugh at eachother is music to my ears though. Each morning when we get up Clara comes in my room and we walk together back into her room and she yells in her way up high voice "Hey Bubby"! (Hey Buddy) and Judah kicks and smiles and flirts with his mom & sis. What a great way to start the day.

I could go on and on about the fun things they're doing lately...but I'll put a post in pictures soon I promise. Especially for those far away grandparents that are missing their babies!