Monday, April 26, 2010


I have been trying my best to have two whole days each week where me & the kids don't leave the house. It really helps me be a better mom because I absolutely have to engage with my kids--I can't just let them go run & play on equipment or play with other kids. I really want my kids to have memories of playing with me--in addition to all those other standard mommy things. It also helps us save money because inevitably if I am out the temptation to spend money on little snacks or pick something up is definitely there. I am trying to intentionally spend time at home and make it count. Staying home (physically) is super fun, but I find I get so busy and our schedule with outings and play dates gets full pretty quick and before I realize it, we've not had quality time at home.
Last Wednesday was one of the said days at home. My quality time activity with the kids was building a fort together--well, actually I built the fort and the kids played in it. Can you see the kids enjoying the fort in the picture below? (I definitely have to let go of my desire to keep an orderly home on these days!)

The tunnel is a special toy we get out as a reward for good behavior--Clara has discovered that if she's in the tunnel mommy can't see what she's doing to Judah. So it's definitely one of those supervision toys! But they do have a lot of fun in there! MostlyYou can say that staying at home makes Clara "hang from the rafters". By the end of the fort time she was feeling like a monkey trapped in a cage...well at least thats what she looked like!


I thought of more things that Clara says on a daily basis that crack me up and cause other people to look at me in question when I answer her back--completely understanding what she says!

new nuts, yoyurt, hiyer, jama, teet, no eeping--he habby,

Translation: Fruit Snacks (yeah, I have no idea how that one translates but thats what it is every day. all. day. long. The girl loves her some "new nuts")
Yogurt--I sometimes ask her to say it just because I love to hear her!
Higher--often accompanied with a jump or a ride on the swing
treat--yeah it's not the best word for her to say but some how she knows it!
No sleeping, he's happy--I always am asking Clara if Judah is sleeping in the car, a simple yes or no would do but he likes to tell me he's happy! So cute.

She also has phrazes that she's added recently that crack me up. We start each day with a run in the jogger--when we get home she loads her baby up in her stroller and says "Ok, mom, I go a run". To top it off she says "I run fasyer mommy". Clara is learning the hard lesson of sharing her space and time with Judah and anyone else who comes in her teritory. She has learned "my turn" which has helped increase the peace in our house!

Judah started cruising on furniture this morning. That was fast. I was just telling my mom last Friday that I expected him to do it this week or next, but of course I was just shocked when he actually started this morning. He also surprised me with his first purposed word. He threw his bottle lid off of the couch tonight during a feeding and clearly said "UhOh" and then looked at me & owen and said it several more times. This little babe is growing up!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Judah hanging out in the swing. He enjoyed watching his sis play with the water...
It will only be a matter of time before he's chasing her around with the hose! Fun times...
Yes, in the pictures above Judah has a black eye. That's a result of my "precious girl" hitting him with some sharp-ish toy.
I couldn't get over the likeness of my two kiddos between these two pictures. Of course Clara would never have had a black eye! So much likeness. I love it!
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Summer is here

We've had our first day of 90 degrees this past week...summer is here.
Much to the delight of my precious girl.
Who discovered (again) that playing outside in the yard with the hose and drinking from it
is such fun. Welcome summer!
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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Not much going on lately here in the Maurer household. I am just enjoying watching my two babies bloom.
Clara is amazing. She is talking and talking and talking. She has some great words and phrases too. She has the FUNNIEST ways of saying things! yohurt, heaby, my ous, my char, i ied off, umping higer, Dudah's haby, hees eeping, bantet, elp pees, bawoon, toyees, shoes on, socks on, i som, (with raised eye brows & shaking head) i no push, CLAYLA, mommy toffee hot, ceeeral, banktis, i pur, nack, fok, spoon, ouchie nive, i har, Oh and so much more I can't remember everything but I know these are some of my favoriets.
yogurt, heavy, my house, my car, i dried off, jumping higher, Judah's Happy, he's sleeping, blanket, help please, balloon, toys, shoes on, socks on, I (want) some, I no push--the way she says her name and my nick name for her Clara-- mommy's coffee is hot, cereal, breakfast, I pray, snack, fork, spoon, ouchie knive, I hair (which means, do my hair). So much fun.

Judah, oh Judah. He's definitely going through some special times. The most exciting thing is that he's crawling EVERYWHERE! He doesn't leave my feet--ever. I can't tell you how many times I've stepped on his fingers or toes. He's pretty tough. He's also teething like no body's business. Five teeth coming in--yikes! He's not thrilled about sleeping or doing anything that has to do with eating. But if it involves playing, laughing, or his sister, he digs it. He's a total social butterfly and has already mastered his craft with the ladies (or anyone who will give him attention). I am in love with him. Pictures to come

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Introducing "Onewhoscreamsalot", Easter Indian princess.
Let me just say that this would only happen at grandma and papa's house. Papa decided that it would be fun to paint Clara with frosting from the left over Easter brownies.
Never a dull moment in this house!
Such focus. Clara would only hold still to get "painted" if she was looking in the mirror--they brought out a hand held mirror and "onewhoscreamsalot" was created.
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Easter Pictures

The Easter Egg Hunt
**On a side note, yes Judah has teeth marks in his forehead. It aparently was an exciting day in the church nursery.

The family Shots!
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Fun

"Why do you seek the living among the dead? Christ the Messiah has risen just as He said! Go tell the world all that you've seen today, the tomb that is empty, the stone rolled away. Why do you seek the living among the dead?"

I hope that your Easter celebration was full of the truest sense of Christ's resurected power! What an amazing God we serve!

**Blogger would not let me upload pictures tonight! Promies more to come.

Our Easter week(end) was very full. My mom, Noni and my step dad, Puff were in town from Sacramento, as well as Papa and "Jama" (as Clara calls her ). We had so much fun playing together, shoping, learning to sew (that's a whole other post) and also worshiping and celebrating the resurection together.
We did your typical things, went to church, sang on the worship team, had lunch at Rachael's house and did an egg hunt. The kids were so worn out they took 3 hour afternoon naps! Wooohoo! We also enjoyed another great meal at Papa and Jama's house.