Monday, May 24, 2010

Face time

Clara's finally learned how to "smile for the camera". She's got to have equal face time on the here she is!
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Ohhh if only I had the metabolizim of my son. I would be at my super dream weight! AND this kid eats butter on everything. seriously. I love butter....I could go on but, I'll refrain.
In all seriousness, we had a slightly discouraging baby well check today. A little background, Judah's not put on weight since he was 6 months old. He'll gain a little and then he'll lose what he's gained. We've tried all kinds of things from medication for acid reflux, specialty formulas (translate very expensive) and of course butter.
Unfortunately none of these things so far have worked. I make all of his baby food, I know exactly what is going into his body--it's a matter of caloric intake and volume. I can't get this little guy to increase things. So he's lost a 1/2 lb as of today (in just 2 weeks) and so we've gone to the next step. The poor little guy had his blood drawn today to check him for siliac, liver diseases, and a few other intenstinal problems. We should have the results within the week on those things and I don't even want to think about what steps are next. We know, but I wont discuss them until we get there. At this point, his weight loss has caused him to fall off the chart and is "unmeasurable" compared to where he should be. Yikes. Please keep him in your prayers and us in your prayers as we search for how to fatten our little guy up!

Celebrating 10 years

My sister and her husband celebrate 10 years of marriage this coming weekend. WOW. To celebrate, Corey decided to have a vow renewal service. It was beautiful, my sister put together all of the details and of course, I helped! It was so special to see thest two who I love so much re-commit their vows in such a transperant way.
Setting up & helping with the details was just a practice run for me--next weekend I am acting as wedding coordinator for my brother in law's wedding. More pictures to come from that event.
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The Party!

Here are a few snapshots from the wonderful party celebrating Judah's first birthday and Grandma Dort's 82nd birthday! What a special day it was. We had about 30 people, family & friends who came to celebrate this milestone. Judah had a good time and was expectedly overwhelmed about half way through. A very special thank you to Grandma Joy who hosted the party and made her home "birthday party central". She did everything! Decorating, fruit & veggie platters and pizza. Thanks so much Joy!
Can you see the anticipation? I've done my best to not give Judah any sugar in his diet, so this was his real first official taste...
Wait for it...
He loves it! He was super into the Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake. That's Uncle Andrew who's getting married this weekend...a whole post will be designated to that special event!
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Friday, May 21, 2010

He's Excited about....

His first birthday! This is our family the morning of May 21, 2009---just 5 hours later
This was our family!
This blue-eyed baby boy has made our family so rich. So full of smiles and laughter and squeels of delight.

He has the most ready smile I have ever seen. No matter who's looking at him he usually looks right abck with this beautiful grin. One year ago today I met my little man. Can't believe it! I never would have imagined that having a son would be so special. Loving him is different (but the same) than loving a girl. He's taught me so much about myself and being a good mommy. I love my little man.
Happy first Birthday Judah.
**For those of you who thought we were announcing baby #3 on the way, we wish! Be in prayer that we're able to get pregnant!
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Monday, May 17, 2010


This little dude is excited about something! Can you guess what it is?
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Monday, May 3, 2010

He's all boy!

Hi mom, I like mud, 'cause I'm all boy!

Don't even try to keep me out of it.

It's never going to work Clara!
So much fun!
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Manly Projects

She's her daddy's girl.
Sorry girls--he's taken, getting married in just 3 weeks!

He's taken too...celebrating 6 years of happy marriage next month!
Ok...enough with "crafty projects".
I have to brag on my husband and my brother-in-law. They have worked so hard to get our yard ready for future projects. As you can see, Clara got in on the action too.
The first stage was taking out some of those "less desirable" plants. i.e. plants with all kinds of pokers, stickers and thorns. I don't have photos of that stage, but beneath all the desert landscaping were rocks...lots and lots of rocks. So for about 8 hours Owen ran a tractor and he and his brother took the rock out. It was the windiest weekend in Phoenix in my memory--our yard was a major just bowl! But the goal was accomplished. After a little leveling our yard will be ready for a block wall and grass--and eventually new kid friendly treesIt looks like a wasteland now, but I know that it wont be that way for long.

Crafty Projects

So we've been doing some "crafty projects" lately at the Maurer house! See our new plants? I hope I can keep them alive for the next year. I've killed every batch of plants we've purchased. In my defense, we ususally purchased them right before or just after I had a baby--come on people, I was trying to keep a human alive, the plants take the back burner! So since I am not preggers I hope that these plants survive.
The above table & chairs are from our dearly loved friends Bill & Peggy. They gave it to us needing a little referbishing--but they were free so we said yes! It didn't take any work at all! Just a few cans of spray paint and they look just like new.
Now to the inside...oh my sweet new rug. I LOVE it. We were not planning on getting a new rug. AT. ALL. But my dear husband was walking over to the couch one night with a loaded bowl of "yoyurt" for Clara and he tripped on a block and dropped the whole thing on our old rug. Instead of spot cleaning, we both decided it would be a good idea to take it outside and spray it off. Well, the high powered hose wasn't really my idea but I didn't protest. When it dried and came back in the house, the old rug was even older looking--all stretched out, had weird dye in places. It was just no good. Not to mention, not laying flat on the floor anymore! So I happened to have my eye on this great rug that just seemed to be created for my couch at TARGET--and low and behold today it was on sale for just under 90.00 woot woot!
Now onto real craftiness. I am working really hard on some discipline issues with my sweetiepie who's not been such a sweetiepie lately. Clara is learning to exert herself as an individual and is no longer easily directed. The days of sweet compliance are out the door! So to help curve the tantrums and re-direct negative behaviors I created this behavior chart. The paper in the middle comes out of it's "spot" so I can create the chart based on exactly what we're working on. I used a cricut machine for all the decorations. It'll be hung in a "centrally located" spot since all we have are centrally located spots!
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