Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary to us!

It's hard to believe that Owen and I have already been married for 6 years! Celebrating tomorrow. It has been an amazing journey. Finishing college, getting married right after, moving to a new state, starting a new life together. Owen has been the sweetest, strongest leader--has brought stability, joy, fun and laughter in the midst of all the things that go on in a new life together. We lived in our tiny appartment for 15 months and then the Lord provided us our beautiful TINY home. Working at the homeless shelter, with all of the stress and long hours Owen was always available to help and encourage. Then of course there are our two blessings, clara and Judah. How can I ever begin to express what it has been like to see my husband who I love so much become a father has been one of the riches experiences of my life. Of course, in those hard first few days Owen's ability to love me inspite of the hormones is something I'll never forget! Looking forward to celebrating this wonderful time together tomorrow. I love you Owen
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Kacey's Work

These are photos from my good friend Kacey--the fab photographer who took photos at my brother in laws wedding...and also has photographed the kids from time to time. I sniped these off of facebook! Above is the entire Maurer family, can you believe the grandparents are in their 80's? They look so good! Eric & Christy flew out from Ohio, and of course, everyone else you've seen before. You can see more of Kacey's work at
Miss Clara in her fabulous tutu as a flower girl.
This is what you get when you have 5 flower girls!
How did one family have four such great looking men? How did I get so lucky to have the one on the left? Funny, Eric and Owen were dressed almost identically for the wedding. So I guess it doesn't only happen to girls huh?
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Clara: Before and After

Before: What a mess!
After: Oh yes, she does have cheecks, eyes and a beautiful brow line. Ok. Just kidding--her hair was out of conrol and I tried really really hard to let it grow but just couldn't do it. So we went and chopped off about 3 inches and got bangs. LOVE IT. I think she does too.
The picture below is her "prettiest smile". Oh my, what a cheese ball.
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UPDATE: Opperation Fatten Judah

Well, there's not really an update, but these were the photos that I was planning on loading the other night when the computer wasn't cooperating. Judah's up to about 16-22 oz a day. Huge improvement! Still doing the meds, not convinced they're making him eat like a horse as the dr. said, but he's definitely going in the right direction! No matter what though, this little dude is still guy smiley!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Operation Fatten Judah

I tried hard to upload some photos for those lonely grandparents and just couldn't get the computer to work right...sorry dude! I'll try again over the weekend.

I wanted to do an update about Mr. Judah and what's been going on with him as we've been trying to get him to eat more. First a major praise, Judah ate 22 oz today...that's the most he's had in litterally MONTHS!
We went to the GI doc yesterday--I really liked him. Judah has gained a little weight, he's up to 18 lbs and 3 oz. I feel like he keeps weighing that weight--he weighs that and then he looses it. I thought for sure that Judah would be well over 19 lbs, when we went in and was shocked that he wasn't. I half expected them to take one look at Judah and send us home because he looks so good. But that's not what happened. The firs step we decided on was to put Judah on a medication that can act as an appetite doesn't always do this since that's not what it's made to do. If we don't see him "eating like a horse" (those are the words the doc said) in a week, we'll stop the meds. We go back in about 6 weeks for another weight check and a meeting with the nutritionist. Then we'll also have a feed study and a swallow study done, both are non invasive tests--for which I am super thankful for!
Depending on those results and his weight gain we'll go from there. Meanwhile, we're still continuing with payingthrougthenosetofeedmychild--I mean pediasure and adding as much fluids to his diet as possible, of course along with baby food ladden with butter! Besides weight gain, keeping Judah hydrated, living here in the desert, is very important. His hydration levels were on the very low side in his blood work. So keep our little guy in your prayers. Owen and I are not super worried, or discouraged, just hoping to put some weight on our little guy.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Welcome to the 90's Mr. Banks

Although I may not have had the cool accent like "Frawnk" from father of the bride--I did have some "faboolus" ideas and execution at Andrew & Charity's wedding this past weekend. I will let my girlfriend Kacey have all the glory for the real photos of the bride and groom and wedding party--besides I didn't have much to do with how wonderful they looked! And let me tell you, they looked amazing! But I did have a lot to do with the details! Andrew & Charity were engaged last fall and I started working with them at the beginning of March. We had a lot of ground to cover--the photographer, church & reception site were nailed down and all the other details were "floating up in thier heads!". It was such a pleasure to help narrow down ideas and visions for this couple. It was a romantic garden wedding. TONS of flowers and thousands of twinkling lights and candles. No seriously, thousands!
We had hydrangias, stock, carnations and roses for the flowers, lots and lots of beautiful lanterns. There were about 230 guests--30 of wich where children. Amazing how well the children were behaved during the ceremony! There were 6 flower girls, I think only 3 made it all the way down the isle, but that's to be expected. Two things will stick out in my mind when I look back on this wedding though. First is that I have to belong to the most amazing "in-laws" in the world--every person who came into town and every relative who lives here helped me in a big way! Not to mention Charity's family too--her army of sisters worked around the clock to make sure everything was just right for Charity.
The second thing that I realized as I did this project is that I wanted to do an excellent job because I wanted to put the scripture into practice "work as unto the Lord". I got asked a lot about why I wanted to do this, well of course I love Andy & Charity, but I also love the Lord--and those two people love the Lord so much too! I saw Christ exemplified through them in so many different circumstances, that it made all the "doing" so easy. So more than anything, I think I owe Andy & Charity a thank you for letting me serve them in this special way. **top photo taken by Amanda Maurer
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