Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am so in love...

I am so in love with this girl...she was being so cute at lunch the other day. It was post a long day at the park and after bath time. It's moments like these that make me remember how special each moment is--especially in the midst of the challenges of raising a very intense two year old...well if I am honest with myself, almost a three year old.
Showing off her nails.
She is becoming very chatty. She cracks me up! Her best line yesterday was that her hands were so cold that they didn't work any more. Mind you it was only 60 something degrees. She keeps telling me that it's so cold outside and that she needs to wear a jacket. Oh my. I am raising a Phonecian.
Judah, oh Judah. We were in with the GI Doc today. He lost 2 oz. despite having the tube in. We're going to go a different route--trying to do just pediasure w/out the tube and see if we can get him eating more solids. Hopefully he's going to start chunking up a bit more! Still as happy as can be--as energetic as any 17 month old. Running his mommy ragged sometimes! And he's discovered the joy of climbing. He makes me laugh at other parents, I know he can make it, but when we're at the park other moms & dads hover over him to make sure he's OK. I am always saying "He's OK--he'll make it!" And he usually** does.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We're having....

So several weeks ago I mentioned that we knew what we were having! Here's a hint, we already have one. Ha ha. First of all let me start by saying that the baby is absolutely healthy and perfect looking according to the initial ultrasound. Thank God for making healthy babies! This little babe is also following in the footsteps of it's older siblings and measuring on the small side so the ultrasound technitian expanded our "due date" to anywhere between February 19 and March 1. Hmmm. I'll just plan on March 1. That way if baby comes early I wont be too crazy waiting.

Isn't the suspense killing you? Well, lets do a little more about this pregnancy. The puking & horrible nausea is over. Thank God. I have gained weight...however due to my little remaining dignity I will not reveal how much. I am feeling baby move pretty regularly. I am at least walking 2 miles every morning with the kiddos--I think I reached my limit with running last week. I just can't do it anymore. I am determined to walk every morning all through the 2nd trimester. So depending on what dates I look at I am either 20 and a half weeks or 22 and half weeks.

Ok, here it is. We're having another Boy! We are so excited (and really surprised) to be welcoming another boy into our family. The name will be Wesley Thomas

A visit from GB & Grandma Lynn

My dad and step mom came to Phoenix a few days was so much fun! We had time at the park, eating an amazing chimmy changa dinner and went to the pumpkin patch at Mcdonald farm. I told Clara and Judah that the grandparents were coming on Monday...they didn't get here until Thursday. Lesson learned. I wont do that again. I didn't hear anything but "I wanna see GB & Grama Lynn doday"Judah had a hard time the whole day there...maybe it had something to do with the fact that he didn't eat ANYTHING! By the time we had taken the hayride Judah had reached his max. It was also pretty hot that day since fall has been elluding us Phonecians for weeks.
So that chimmy changa night...we had the whole family over at Rachael's house and at our fill of homemade chimmys. My dad makes these fabulous chimmys, spicy, salty, meaty, peppery and best of all deep fat fried. Oh my. We looked like this before we ate..... But we felt like this when we were done! The chimmys are so good, but so deadly. It's a once a year treat for sure.

We better find a bigger February there will be TWO more babies in our family. Jessica & Alex are also expecting, they'll be having another girl just a few weeks before we add our baby to our family!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Holy Hail

So we knew there was a big storm coming in and we had a GREAT view in our backyard. Owen and I set up our lawn chairs to watch it come was coming fast, but we didn't think that fast. We're sitting in the sun and all the sudden there is a HUGE rock that hits me out of no-where on the back of my neck. It hurt bad. We realized instantly that it was hail. We quickly grabbed the kids and the picture above was about 10 seconds later. Toys left. Mud made. Ice piled. Tears cried--over the said toys.
After the hail, the rain came. Sheets and sheets of rain. Oh how we needed the rain.
And the loot. Owen had the forethought to collect some of the best "specimines" of hail. They were big. The kids thought they were awesome.
So much fun. What was not fun is the slight damage to Owens truck, and the massive clean up for our yard...oh yeah and the loss of power for about 9 hours. We lit candles and put the kids to bed early-ish...simply because it was so dark we couldn't play with any toys! Thank God that it was a beautiful evening and cool outside...not a storm last week when it was 110 outside.
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Oh life is full, life is busy, life is heavy, life is life. It's been a really long September. So much in my mind--but no where to put it. That's OK though. I have these beautiful kids that I can pour myself into and there's nothing better in this life--outside of Christs love for me of course!
Clara is becoming such a young lady. You can see she enjoys being a princess. I've avoided having princess stuff in the house because a lot of times I don't like the attitude that comes with the territory--but I have been using this little crown that Clara made as a reward for her when she behaves lovingly towards her brother, completes her chores or makes it through a rough situation w/out complaining or winning. It's been fun.
The funnest thing right now is that she's beginning to recount her daily activities. It always cracks Owen and I up at the things that she chooses to remember and then enthusiastically demonstrate during her stories. Her little voice is the most precious sound. I hope I never forget it.
We have had a lot of really fun exciting days with Judah as well. He is starting to talk more and more. My favorite thing right now with him is asking him a question (yes or no) and hearing his raspy "YEAH!" It's really cute when he gets an ouchie and I ask him "did you hit your head?" and he says "YEAH!" and runs to me. Oh melt my heart. He's had his NG tube out for a week. We had his second swallow study and had a 75% reduction in his needed thickner. What a HUGE answer to prayer. This means that instead of putting 4-1oz gel packs in each 8 oz. bottle, I only have to use 1 pack...thats down from 16 packs a day to 4 packs a day. Holy reduction! This is a huge blessing and relief to our stretched budget.
I believe he's lost a little weight since we removed the tube, to be expected since he completely refuses to do solids right now. With the reduced thickener needed, I expect that he will bounce back, although just to be sure, we'll put the tube back in tomorrow for the next 10 days just to be safe.

This was Clara putting "the boys" to bed.
The pump. UGH how we are not fans of the pump. the beep that wakes us is crazy. We needed a break!
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Still here!

We're still here. I have seemed to have a busier life than usual lately. Its good though.
We have Judah's swallow study on Tuesday so I'll post more about that after the fact.
We also have GB and Grandma Lynn coming in this week as well as a fun girls night out with my small group ladies and a trip to the Pumpkin patch with the grandparents. Lets hope it's not over 100 on Saturday!

I am tired a lot which is why I choose to take a nap during the kid's nap time and not blog or do anything else. But I hope that the tired-ness will slow down a little as it gets cooler outside. Oh...I also know what we're having! Haha ha. I'll save it for a post that's more interesting though. Lots of good ultrasound pictures. Most important though, baby is perfectly healthy. Praise God.

The kids are great and more and more fun each day. Of course I'll share more later...I just looked through my uploaded pictures and realize I don't have anything new. I'll do lots of pictures soon.