Sunday, November 21, 2010

Making Room for 3

Over the past month I have been working to re-decorate Clara, Judah & Wesley's room. It's been so much fun! Since we have just 2 rooms and obviously one is just for mom and dad, I needed to create a space that was going to accomodate all 3 of my babies--girl & boys. Although the colors look a little washed out in the photos, they're all on the "warmer" side. The pom-poms above the crib are made out of tissue paper and hung w/ fishing wire above the crib. All three kids got an "initial hook" although I only took a picture of the 'W'.
EVERYTHING in the room was hand made...pretty impresive! This is a book sling, I originally saw them on and they're super easy to make! I did all of the preparation (pinning and ironing & measuring) and Amanda, my bestie who I am indebted to forever for helping me on this, sewed all of them, and the bedding!
The pattern & colors all came from the same theme of fabric, although Clara's bedding is flowered, Judah's is striped. The bunk bed was the biggest deal, thanks to Owen's parents for buying this bed from IKEA for the kids. They both love it! We're hoping to have Judah in the bottom bunk by the end of December.
I also wanted to incorporate some really fun color into thier room. I used cross-stitching rounds to trace out the circles and free-hand painted it. The color looks a little funny in the picture, but it's OH.SO.CUTE. in person. I have a few "finishing touches" that I have been looking for on-line but haven't found what's perfect yet. But mostly, the room is DONE. Judah will also have a book sling above his bed, but a certain measure-er made the sling too long and a certain handy-man cut the dowells too short...we're a great team.

Special thanks to Amanda, Megan and Lindsay for all their help & input into making this room great. Love to each one of you!
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Apparently, That's Funny!

This is Judah right fresh out of bed the other morning...Clara too. Apparently it's funny to wake up and read books.
He was just laughing hysterically. I'll take it!
Such precious times we've been having in the mornings though. It's been in the high 40's when the kids wake up and so we snuggle on the couch and read some books. Each morning isn't a comedy show (thankfully, because that makes mornings like this extra special). But we three do spend time together looking at and reading books. I started doing this a few weeks ago when it started to get cold mostly because I can't walk outside when it's that cool! Hard to believe that just about 5 weeks ago it was so hot in the mornings that I was racing to get myself and the kids out the door before it was too hot!

I realize I've not said anything about baby Wesley. He's doing great! We had an ultrasound yesterday and he's measuring within the 'normal' range for babies at this stage gestation. He's 1 week and 2 days behind my dates which is about normal for me at this stage. I still feel huge and now I have a reason why, I have a ton of amniotic fluid. The UT asked me if I was feeling large and I told her yes and she said that's because this babe is floating in the most fluid that I can have (safely though) and that makes a lot of mommies feel 'large and in charge'. Well, at least I know I am not going to be pushing out a football player in 13 weeks! The tech let me watch Wesley swimming around in there for a while which was so special, he was moving his hands around, sucking his thumb and even opening and closing his mouth. What a miracle. Oh, and I lost 1.5 lbs. I wasn't trying to loose weight, but I certainly wasn't trying to gain any either. My hard work and careful attention to what I was eating paid off--that and it feels like even when I have a small something to eat that it's going to burn my throat--oh heartburn. All in all, we're doing great!
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The light bulb

The light bulb has come on folks...I think (hope and pray)! On Saturday evening we sat down for dinner just like every night...and just like every night I was dreading it a bit in my heart thinking it would be another meal that Judah would not touch. But much to mine and Owen's amazement, Judah ate, and ate, and ate. We sat there with our eyes bulging out of our heads and our jaws on the table just astonished at how much he ate and how happy he was--so happy that I had to get the camera to take a picture. This was a different kid.
This kid...Clara was not different though! She ate too, and true to form she spilled her milk on her shirt and was sad so she de-robed and then wanted pictures of herself nakey at the table. That's the face I get from her when I tell her to give me her 'prettiest' smile. Maybe I need to take her in the bathroom and practice infront of a mirror!
Oh Joy, Oh Bliss! My two happy (full) boys. I'm thinkin' Judah looks just a little bit like his daddy. Silly boys.
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Outside Fun

Clara has almost outgrown the swing! I can hardly believe that we've almost a three year old on our hands. She reminds me daily that her 'burfday is comin'. I love the goofey face!
We've been spending a lot of time outside now that its cool. Last week I even had to go and buy some longsleeved shirts for Clara since she didn't have any! With the addition of the block wall in the back and new grass & trees (pictures coming soon) all evening Owen takes the kids outside to 'work' in the yard. Whatever he's doing they do it with him. Bless his heart for the patience--I know that sometimes it's two steps forward and one step back with his two 'helpers'.
Judah...obsessed with the pink baby stroller. But so proud.
It's a miracle when I am able to get both kids smiling at the camera and looking at the same time. They both look like they are up to something don't you think?
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Saturday, November 13, 2010


The other morning the three of us were having breakfast, clearly it was yogurt. I noticed that Clara kept brushing her bangs out of her eyes and getting the yogurt in her hair. So I ran to the bathroom and grabbed a rubber band to pull her hair back with. Seriously, I think it took about 10 seconds.
Apparently Judah thought it was Beauty School time and he was doing his hair too, with yogurt. He's so naughty! So straight into the bath he went. I told Clara she needed to sit in her seat and finish eating breakfast.
"What's that you say mom? Judah get's a bath without me? I don't think so!"
"I need a bath too". Can you tell that these two are already pulling shenanigans on their mom? Oh my.
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Large and in Charge

This is me pregnant with Clara at 24 weeks. Oh the days that were pre-stretchmarks and I wasn't embarassed to show my tummy!
This is me pregnant with Judah at 28 weeks.
And this is me pregnant with Wesley at 25 weeks. Can we say YIKES? I even tried to wear black to minimize the growth. It's true, I tend to have small babies, and the smaller bellies have been a reflection of that, however, I think that Wesley is going to break the mold (and his mommy's body!). My BFF and I were comparing pictures today of where I am now vs. where I was with other kiddos and we had a good laugh. Especially after I tried and tried and TRIED to get this pair of jeans on that she was going to let me borrow. Note to self, for your next BFF find someone who is not quite so skinny! (JK Amanda, you're irreplaceable.)
We are still "monitoring" Wesley's size since we've had small babies. We'll find out next wednesday where he is and if I am going to need to buy a moomoo.
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Smiley Kids

All of us are enjoying the cool-ish fall weather. We've spent a lot more time outdoors causing my kids to be smiley...

and slightly cheesey.
This young lady also is picking out her clothes every day...several times a day. So although I feel like I can direct her to pick out a super cute outfit to never lasts! Hair either. Maybe soon I can catch a photo of her dressed and with her hair done!
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Judah was in heaven watching the workers...and he wanted to do a little work too.
Owen put Clara's body weight to work along with her booster seat. He needed his rake to be a little heavier so he strapped the kids on with the booster seat and went to work. You've got to hand it to Owen, he's very inventive. Anything to accomplish the goal and its always a bonus when he can entertain the kids at the same time.
Bye-bye ghetto.
Hello beautiful private back yard...with tons of potential.
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The workers placed 14 pallets of block around our yard.. Lots of concrete, rebarb and other, ya know, building supplies.

The block provided some entertainment in the evenings for the kids...
and a lot of mess for us in the house! But all totally worth it.
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These are before pictures of our's been a long time goal of ours to make our backyard an "extension" of our home...since we have kids, we love to have folks over and our house is well, kind of small. So the past few months we've saved up for a block wall. It was so great to see how God provided great workers, a smokin deal and quick completion of this project. So these are the before pictures of our yard. Can we say ghetto? Needless to say, the chainlink fence, wood slats, and other hodge-podge fencing items are now all gone!
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