Sunday, March 27, 2011

Masterful Creator

Clara Joy 4 lbs 12 oz December 17, 2007

Judah Henry 6 lbs 3 oz May 21, 2009

Wesley Thomas 6 lbs 1 oz February 21, 2011

Genetics are amazing. People are starting to say "wow, he looks just like a Maurer!". What a masterful Creator that we have, creating such similarities in a family yet each child completely different. What a miracle!


It's amazing that although we've recently added a babe to our family and I don't have any time to "tend to the garden", things are still growing! I need to learn when to harvest!

We have potatoes,
string beans
lettuce, onion and cucumber...somewhere in there.
Just a few months ago, our flourishing garden looked like this. What fun to see the "vegetables" of our labor!

Having fun

We're having fun...eating
Playing on the play mat
holding baby "wessey"
And getting really dirty!

Friday, March 18, 2011

How He Came...

I have been working on this post forever!
On Saturday the 19th I started having consistent contractions...then I went to bed and had more. We got up and went to church and of course they stopped. On Sunday evening, Tom and Joy were in town and they wanted Clara and Judah to spend the night. Owen and I had a nice night together--Monday morning Owen went to work and I stayed home and cleaned like a mad woman. I noticed as I was mopping & sweeping and doing laundry that I felt a little "leaky". I called Aunt Laura who happened to be working and she said to keep an eye on things and if it continued to call the OB. No big thing though,
I was determined to get the house clean and go see my new niece Maureen who was born on Saturday. I went to Jessica's house and was holding Maureen on the couch, feeling oh so maternal when I suddenly needed to get off the couch if you know what I mean. I called the OB and they said go to OB Triage. By the time I met Owen at home I was certain that my water was the time we were in OB Triage, it was more than leaking! We were hooked up to monitors and admitted.

We waited for a LONG time to get into our room. It was OK though because I wasn't in active labor and I was not uncomfortable at all. See. Here we are in triage.

Around 5 pm we got to our room and the re-enforcements arrived. Rachael and my mom have both been at each of the deliveries of my kids, so Wesley's arrival would be no different. Shortly after the pitocin was started. Since my water had broken, the doctors only give 18 hours before they want the baby out due to the risk of infection. Contractions started slowly...

A few hours later I was ready for the epidural. For some reason after I got the epidural, I had a slight case of the giggles. I could not stop laughing for about 1 hour. Everything was hilarious. Laughing, laughing and more laughing. The doctors and nurses, including Aunt Laura were beginning to think I was crazy. It's on video, I'll see if I can post it sometime.

The laughter only lasted a short time, by the time I was 5 or 6 cm dilated, Mr. Wesley wasn't happy. His heart was having significant decels with each contraction. To help him a little "water" was put back in to help cushion him during the contractions. This only helped for a while and we had several times where the nurses had to move me to make his heart speed back up. That was pretty scary for me. I was finally put on "the throne" to help Wesley be more comfortable. See..
After putting in a probe to really monitor him better and track the contractions more effectively, it was time to push! Unfortunately my epidural had a "blind spot" I could feel all of the pain in one area...and that area spread as I began to push. All I can remember is yelling that it hurt really bad.

But we made it through with encouragement from Aunt Laura, Owen, my mom and my sister. As Wesley was born, we discovered the reason for his dramatic decels, the umbilical chord was around his neck, stomach and shoulders. He was blue when he came out and a little limp but he pinked up and perked up pretty quick. I am so thankful that this birth didn't end in a c-section! Aunt Laura was a champ at not letting me get stressed out about Wesley, constantly telling me he was OK.
I was one tired mama but I was instantly in love and INSTANTLY thrilled to not be pregnant anymore. It's amazing that something that takes 40 weeks to develop can be relieved in an instant. Ahhh to have my own body back (in a sense). Now to get the pre baby figure back!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our new Life

In our new life...little boys run around the house in long sleeve shirts, diapers, shoes and sock but no pants.
In our new life, little girls and boys run around with no pants on!
In our new life, Wesley sleeps very soundly after nursing and nursing and nursing and nursing.
In our new life, daddy learns how to give baths to 3 babies rather than two and no longer has time to shave.

In all reality, life is super busy, hence the lack of posts lately. We're doing great though. God has been so merciful to us with all the support from family and friends. We have meals coming for about 5 weeks 3x a week. Our big kids have been behaving and sleeping well and Wesley is easing into our family like he has been here all along. I love him so much. We're tired, our house is a little messy, but in our new life we are certainly blessed!
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