Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cutie Pies

These are just too cute not to share...Got to love Wesley yawning. Life is hard...going 45 minutes awake at a time. Thank you to Grandma & Grandpa for the super cute Easter clothes for the kids. I've never done the matching thing before...but I think I wont be able to stop now. LOVE IT!

Wesley Thomas. Can you see the dimple? LOVE it. We had his 2 month check up yesterday. Wesley weighs 10 lbs 12 oz and has moved up to the 25% for height, weight & head size. He has slept through the night (on and off), 11 hours (holy cow) and is doing great. He's only going about 45 minutes awake at a time and is a champion sleeper. He prefers to be asleep by himself, in his crib, on his tummy. It's the earliest I've let go of the swaddle, but he's so much more comfortable on his tummy. He's doing great eat, awake, sleep patterns. He LOVES smiling at Judah and Clara, is definitely a mama's boy. I've put away his newborn clothes (boo) and am falling more in love with him each day. He still earns the "easy baby champion of the world" title from yours truely...I even asked our ped. if she thought there was something wrong with him...but no, she encouraged me to enjoy (thoroughly) my "first" easy babe.
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Easter Celebration

Easter is one of my favorite holidays...HOLY-days that is. What a wonderful reminder of what our Savior did for us. It's a celebration of THE the song in the previous post by Keith Green.
The day before Easter we celebrated Lila's birthday. It was so much fun. And as you can see from the photos above, we had a lot of "face time" with our family

The White family and the Maurer family right after church

After naps on Sunday we hosted an Easter dinner in our backyard. We had 13 adults and 5 kids and 2 newborns. It was busy and full. We LOVE having our family in our home...we wish our house was bigger so it was more comfortable, but it's nice to share close proximity...for short periods of time! We had appetizers, salad (from our garden), mortons of omaha tri-tip, party potatoes, mango, bread and homemade cinnamon rolls. It was a wonderful time!A special thanks to Grandma Lynn and Grandma Jo for putting together the Easter Egg hunt for the kids. As you can see in the first photo, all the kids lively and enjoying their pin-wheels...the second photo, as they're lined up for the egg hunt looking a little, well worn. Especially my two big kids...
and yes, that's mine in his undies, doing the Easter Egg hunt. So proud, so proud.
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The Victor

Swallowed into earth's dark womb
And death has triumphed
That's what they say
But tried to hold Him in the tomb
The Son of Life
Rose on the third day

Just look
The gates of hell
They're falling
Crumbling from the inside out
He's bursting through
The walls with laughter (Hah!)
Listen to the Angels shout

It is finished
He has done it
Life conquered death
Jesus Christ
Has won it

His plan of battle
You know it
He fooled them all
They led Him off to prison to die
But as He entered Hades Hall
He broke those hellish chains with a cry

Just listen to those demons screaming
See Him bruise the serpent's head
The prisoners of Hell
He's redeeming (Oh!)
All the power of death is dead

It is finished
He has done it
Life conquered death
Jesus Christ
Has won it

Just look
The gates of hell they're falling
Crumbling from the inside out
He's bursting through the walls with laughter (Hah!)
Listen to the Angels shout
(Listen, oh, listen)

It is finished
He has done it
Life conquered death
Jesus Christ
Has won it

It is finished
He has done it
Life conquered death
Jesus Christ
Has won it

GB & Grandma Lynn's Visit

My dad and step-mom came to town last week to meet their TWO new grand babies, Wesley and Maureen--for those of you who missed it, my sister in law Jessica had her 2nd daughter two days before Wesley. What a happy time.
They happened to be here during Lila's 4th birthday the train park. Judah's holding on for dear life on the carousel.
This was the first moments seeing you can see he's wide-eyed!
Does he look old enough to be the grandfather of 7.5? Of course not! (no I am not making an announcement, my sister Rachael is expecting her 3rd in December).
Fun times!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mayhem, Madness & Mercy

It's been a week chock full of funny happenings around the Maurer household. Having 3 children 3 and under can do that to you! There's usually a naked child, a boy running around in girl panties, mischief of all creations and me in the middle of it all. Ha!
Of course this post has to do with mud. Although after the last muddy buddy episode, we explained to our children that playing in the mud was reserved for special times and not every day would be a special time. Of course like the good little angels that they are, they completely IGNORED our warning. Especially Clara--she did not get as dirty as Judah simply because she was "washing" him in the mud...exclaiming all the while "Don't cry about it Judah, it's like soap". Judah lovingly took it. Some day your reign as Queen will end Clara.
More Mayhem you ask? Clara in her queenli-ness decided to exert her rule over Judah today and shut him in the dryer. Although I have a picture, I will not post because I don't want to make light of something that could have gone terribly wrong. I was on the phone with Owen and the kids had just "helped" me empty the dryer when I hear the door slam and Clara is laughing hysterically and Judah is also half laughing-half screaming--his noise was quite muffled. I realized what happened very quickly and hung up on Owen to rescue Judah. He was all smiles until he and Clara were appropriately reprimanded for that dangerous yet hilarious stunt.
Oh Lord have Mercy...oh wait He has! Do you see that good lookin' kid up there? Yeah has to be the easiest babe in the history of the world. Talk about God's Mercy. It's no secret that our older two were difficult babies. Clara was tiny and starving for the first several months of her life and Judah was aspirating every time he ate. Both of these scenarios = very fussy babies and a very fussy mommy. Wesley, I will sing his praises for his first 7 1/2 weeks. So content, eats, sleeps a lot, eats, sleeps a lot, eats and smiles, sleeps a lot. Although he's not sleeping through the night, he wakes 1 x to eat and quickly goes back to sleep. He's a champion during the day, sleeping through whatever mayhem is going on in the house. He's great at going with the flow of whatever adventure we have going on for the day. He is very laid back. Again, I will say that it's purely the Lords Mercy on our family for giving us this chill kid. Thank you Jesus! Oh, and his smiles totally slay me. Can't wait to see how he's grown at his appointment next week.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Priceless Grace-Extravagant Generosity

We have recently been studying Generosity at church. The scripture is 2 Corinthians 8 covering the Macedonian's extreme generosity in the midst of their poverty. Paul, the author, is amazed at how they are able to give of their time, talent and treasure despite the fact that by the worlds standards at that time, they were the poorest of the poor. The reason that they could be generous was because they were so filled with Christ, they knew that they had the greatest fortune of inexhaustible grace and they could not help but give it away. It is too rare, the examples of extreme generosity. The world says we perpetuate our joy by taking in more, saving for ourselves and spending on ourselves. We were not made to save or spend on ourselves, we were created to be a conduit of Christ love to this world. The Macedonian's knew that! What but Christ can fill the void in the human heart... And what fills a heart and life more than to be emptied for Christ...

In our small group to help us make this applicable we worked through some questions. One of the first questions that was difficult to answer was "Apart from God's gift of Himself (Jesus Christ) , what is the most extravagant giving you have ever observed, been on the receiving end of, or participated in?"...we'll come back to this.

Owen and I had the AMAZING opportunity to go to the Azusa Pacific University Choir and Orchestra 30 year reunion this past weekend. Thank you to Tom and Joy for babysitting Clara and Judah--we took Wesley with us. It was a once in a life time experience to see a whole bunch of people I love and see Al Clifft (pictured above) direct a 300 voice choir. It just about killed me to not sing but it was enough to be there.

As we were driving back to the hotel, my heart was filled to the max with the joy of seeing my friends, worshiping and watching Al. Once again I watched him give himself completely to the group and worship experience. Owen said, "That's the picture of generosity that we've been looking for."

Al has lead this group for 30 years pouring out the love of Jesus Christ onto thousands of students. I know from experience. There was around 100-150 students in each choir/year and Al made heart penetrating eye contact with each student at rehearsal and concert. I know he spent much of his "office hours" listening to the cares and concerns of students. I know that he prayed for all of the students he directed (and knew them all by name). He gave gave his best to each congregation the music was presented to. I sat in a room during Al's last tour and for 3 hours, every single person present gave an out pouring of their heart for the way that Al had given of his time, talent and treasure to them. Al will be remembered by his students for what he gave, not what he accumulated in this life. I know Al enough that he would say that it's been easy for him to give much of himself because he has been so filled with Christ.

What a legacy Al has. What a beautiful picture I have of what it really means to be so filled with Christ that I cannot help but give His endless love and inexhaustible grace away.

Speaking of are two gals I love dearly, Kristin (middle) and Andi. These girls were my roomies in college

Here's Andi and i feeding our babies just after dinner before the concert. So much fun to meet her "big little guy" Ezekiel. Andi is one of my dearest friends.

300 voices and instruments--what heaven.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Muddy Buddies

The kids have discovered mud. There are no words...

Before we forget

Wesley's tiny-ness is so fleeting. I had a few moments to take pictures of this precious bundle without the big kids disturbing us today (thank you Joy). It's already going by so quickly. Each time I have had a baby my first thought is how quickly I forget how tiny newborn babies are. The fragile tiny body with little or no fat, fuzzy hair all over their body and absolutely no control over their movements. So totally helpless. And the Lord sees it fitting for us to take care of them and mold them into the people He intended them to be. As I watch Wesley grow and develop, I hope I never forget the precious first weeks and the many dreams we have for him.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Family of Five

Here's our first picture as a family of five...outside of our hospital pictures. We had the pleasure of having many family members in town last week--Eric & Christy, Kim and Ruth, Lem and Marilyn, all on the Maurer side. It was a lot of fun to see everyone and introduce Wesley. He was super well behaved too. Of course we waited until the end of the night to take pictures, hence the pajamas...the kids wer done. Ha! Getting ready to head to LA for a reunion concert for the choir that played a major role in my college life--impacted me for the rest of my life for sure. It's going to kill me not to sing, but I know that would have been a little much at this time in life. Being there and seeing those whom I love so much and hearing music that is the soundtrack of my life will be enough!