Saturday, May 28, 2011

Judah's Birthday

Judah turned 2 last week! All Glory to God for bringing us through this very challenging year with Judah. We will not diminish the miracle that God performed in his life and in our love for him. What a wonderful picture of Christs love in our family!

Just a note about the pictures above, yes, that's Judah. It's his party and he can cry if he wants to! The middle picture, although you cannot see the puddle, Judah is peeing his pants. We've been potty training for just over a month, we had a couple of days of accidents. Judah was standing in the middle of the family room very still, Judah never stands still. His aunt Charity says "Wow, Judah's swim suit is really wet!" And I realized then that it was not wet in the sense that she thought!

Mama and Judah next to the chocolate cake. I think he was a little partied out! Or he could be a little upset that his older sister "helped" him open all of his presents. Seriously, I don't think he got to open one gift byhimself.

Here's me, Judah and Great Grandma Dort...who also celebrated her birthday on Saturday...she turned 83. Doesn't she look AMAZING? It's pretty special that Judah is born on her birthday and Clara is born on Great Grandpa Erv's birthday.

What a year this has been for me as a mom. Learning to love my child(ren) in ways that are far beyond what I thought I was capable. A year ago, I took Judah in for his 1 year well check and we jumped into high gear to see why this guy wasn't eating...he'd lost 2 lbs in about 1 1/2 months. NOT GOOD. We started on Pediasure (just about broke the bank), we started appointments with a GI doctor and also scheduled swallow studies and feeding studies. I worked practically all day long to get the weight back on Judah, not knowing that he actually had a condition that made eating and drinking very painful for him. We used butter, avocado, greek yogurt, heavy cream, and every other kind of good-ish fat that you can think of to get him to gain and it was not really working. Little did we know that things would get a little more intense. Judah was diagnosed with silent aspiration and we began treating it immediately with thickners. The thickners were very expensive and VERY thick. He was drinking yogurt essentially and barely getting what he needed calorically. Things came to a head over Labor Day weekend last year when he was so sick with vomiting and diareah--the weight was litterally falling off of him and so we took him to the hospital where he was eventually admitted for 3 days. He had an intense bowel infection coupled with dehydration. Watching my waif of a child scream in pain and be lethargic and eventually have a tube placed down his nose so he could get much needed calories--how I wished I could have taken his place. I know this was so minor compared to what many parents go through with much sicker children...but it was scary and painful for us. Oh the love that I have for that boy. After the hospitalization, he used the tube for about 8 weeks on and off as his eating the fall season approached he was doing great and we got rid of the tube permanently. God's timing is perfect...Judah is completely healed of the aspiration and has no remaining symptoms or food aversions. Mealtime is pleasant again. We ended the horrible eating chapter just as a new one began...Judah as a big brother!

So many lessons learned as a mom...sometime I'll have to write them out so I don't forget! I love my babies...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Owen and I have had the privileged of having all three of our children dedicated to the Lord at Camelback Bible Church. We believe that children are given to us as a gift from the Lord and that He entrusts us to raise them, pointing them to Christ--and we ask the church--our extend family family to come along side us to help raise our children. To make Wesley's dedication extra special for me, it was held on mothers day.
Judah & daddy clapping during worship. Judah loved all the attention that morning.
A special thank you to Jamie Maurer and Charity Maurer for taking these beautiful pictures of our family.
Both of these photos were taken by Charity who has a budding photography business...if you need a photographer!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Last weekend, my husband and 4 other dads went on a man-venture. It was 5 dads and 8 kids. Brave, brave men! They camped in tents with no facilities for 2 days & 2 nights. They cooked all of the meals and kept the kids safe! I am super impressed that they all did this and came back still loving their children! These were all kids 5 years and under, the youngest one just turning 1 last month. Like I said, brave, brave men.
As you can see above, they ate a lot. It seems that in most pictures I have the kids are eating or have food on their faces.

By all accounts, the kids all played well together. Owen said that there was someone crying or whining almost the whole time (welcome to my world) but that all in all everything went great. All of the kids who came have been in Clara and Judah's life since birth, James & Maebelle, Lydia and Ben, Andrew, and of course Judah's BFF Bradley.

Here's some face time of my big kids. Where was Wesley and I? We were gratefully in Sacramento! We spent time with the grandparents while Owen roughed it with the big kids.

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This is probably my favorite picture of the whole weekend. Clara's face seems to say "you want me to do what?". Owen built and brought home this contraption the day before the trip and I had a good laugh over it... apparently it came in very handy! Leave it to my husband to be crafty in ALL areas.

Brotherly Love

I love this picture! It's such a story of how I think the relationship between Judah and Wesley will be...Wesley has turned out to be THE MOST LAID BACK KID EVER. He's super content all the time, loves to sleep and will just go with whatever is happening in our life. Judah as most of you know goes about a mile a minute...I think in about 1 year we'll see Judah' running and Wesley holding wide-eyed to his coattails for whatever adventure is around the corner!

It's all out of brotherly love though I am sure! I often just have the boys up early with me--such special times--and Judah is always saying, "I wuv wessey". The poor babe gets a slobber bath every morning!

There will be more on this, but Judah's turning two on Saturday. I cannot believe it. What a year this has been with this special boy. To know what the Lord has brought us through with his health issues, I never would have thought that we would be "issue free" at his two year birthday when things were looking bad at his 1 year birthday. God is so good.
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