Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Boy

Happy Boy
This was Wesley tonight just before bed time. Gah! This kid just absolutely blows me away. He's super happy...I love that even past bed time he finishes his bottle and looks up at me and gives me that smile.

Cooing, smiling, eating and sleeping--that's what this little dude is all about!

Clara had nothing to do with this...

This was all Judah. Oh my. He's keeping me on my toes. He's all boy.
He's all messy & muddy boy.
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Morning Glories

Well summer must be in full swing because my kids are up with the sun! Think 5:15 or 5:45 am. Oh it's brutal but when I wake up to these morning glories, it's worth it. Here are the kids cheesing for the camera the other day.
Judah's doing great. He's continued to make great strides in the potty training area. Going #2 is getting much easier for him on the TOYLET. I know you were just dying to know! He had his well child check up at the doctor and is a whopping 24.5 lbs. This is a huge accomplishment for us--all other developmental areas are right on track too
He's also had some pretty awesome language explosions lately. This kid just says so many things. His favorite phrases this week have been:
No, no sanks.
I like cake, it's my favorite
I goin'. She ya ladder
I back. I miss you so much
Soooo.--he really says that, randomly standing in the middle of the room like he's trying to think of something to say.

Clara is going through a difficult smile stage. I should have her practice in the mirror more, no? Clara's doing great and seems to have developed even more into a big sister. She's thrilled with helping Judah get to the toilet on time. Helping him get dressed and telling him what he can and cannot do. She often tells him that he needs to go to his room for whining--the funny thing is he obey's her EVERY time!
She's becoming quite the imaginative little girl and occasionally has such realistic conversations with herself that I think she's really talking to me. When I ask her she says "no mom, I just tending". Got to love it. She keeps telling me that when I had a baby in my tummy my belly was "so big" but now it's "really flat". Now I really love that. That's my girl!
Wesley is doing well too. He had a long battle with a tummy bug--10 days of the runs. It was a long week but thankfully we successfully avoided dehydration and any need for IV fluids. Way to be Wesley! He is cooing up a storm and has even learned to squeal at very high decibels. Sometimes it's hard to tell if they're happy screams or sad screams. All music to my ears. He's weighing in at 13.06 lbs at his well check up last week. He's doing all the normal 4 month old stuff. He's sleeping through the night regularly, although since his tummy bug we've had a few wake ups here and there. I am hoping to get back to a full nights sleep this week. Still the easiest baby ever. Happy boy. Happy mommy.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Clara and Judah isms

It's been a really long time since I've recorded all of the silly things my three year old going on 13 year old says regularly. Owen and I spend the majority of dinner time stifling laughter at the funny things she and Judah are saying. So just for the record:
Most every sentence starts with "I probably need...
Swim soup & sun scream
I probably need my vimanim (vitamin)
I probablyneedabanaid (I need a band aid, said as one word)
It'll feel bedder in few weeks
I can do ___________ when I olwder in few weeks.
Go to your room, Judah
Go back to your fadder!
I hungy mommy.
I need newnacks (fruit snacks)
I need a cool bar (granola bar--seriously?)
He can't jump yet, but when he's owlder he can. (referring to Wesley)

Judah is pretty much a parrot. By all appearances at this time, this kid doesn't have a thought of his own in his head. Oh he can mimic Clara absolutely perfectly. The kid has an enormous vocabulary! At any time of day he can be found with some sort of car and at least one of his "lambys". He does say a few words of his own though.
Mamma, peepee toylet
Kachow! (lightning McQueen anyone?)
Dum twuck
Car goes vooom vooom
I feezin'
I hungy, i need nack
sleep mommy (every mom's dream)
I lwove you mommy
Wessy seeping
Wessy seep my wroom

**One of the funniest things that both kids say nightly is "CHOCOLATE MILK". But imagine both kids sitting across from each other. It usually starts like this
Clara: "If we eat our food all gone we get..."
But, he doesn't say's like the treat is too sacred to even speak out loud. He just mouths the words with the tiniest raspy whisper. Oh the joys of dinner time!

Out to prove me wrong

Back in February, just before Wesley was born, I was lamenting to my MIL that I wasn't looking forward to having two little ones in diapers. I was explaining to her that we had already been potty training Clara when she was Judah's age--but of course it seemed Judah was at least 6 months away from being ready to PT. Judah was out to prove me wrong. About 1 month after this conversation, Judah was in the bathroom with all of us getting ready for bath time and he said he wanted to go pee pee on the "toylet". We put him up there and he "peed on command". Amazingly he's been doing it ever since--with a few minor accidents like that at his birthday

So here's my "self training out to prove his mommy wrong" little dude. Is there anything cuter than baby boy undies? And yes, I did fold them, stack them and take photos of them!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wesley 3 Months & Change

"Oh my dear sweet Wesley" that movie! Seriously, sweet is such a perfect word to describe this third babe. How has 3 months already come? I cannot believe how much faster each "newborn" stage has come to an end with each additional child...honestly, I felt like Clara was a newborn FOREVER. I am sure that was partly due to her peanut size. Judah seemed to be a new born for just a blink and all the sudden he was babbling and belly laughing. Wesley is 3 months, seriously? Did I miss it? It was gone so fast!
Things Wesley is doing:
Wesley has been sleeping through the night for about a solid month. We do a dream feed at 9 pm and he's good until about 6 am. He's up for about an hour and then he's ready to go back to sleep for 3. Yep, you read that right folks. This kid likes to sleep. Then he's up for about another hour and some change and ready to sleep again...and I wake him at the 1 hour mark. Then he's up for another hour and then down for 3 sometimes 4 and then he's up for about 1 hour and some change...and then it's yet another cat nap, up for an hour and then down for the night. The amazing thing about this kid is that when he's awake, he's smiling and cooing. He LOVES to stand and is learning that his legs can kick and bounce. He doesn't like to be left alone, he seems to know that there is always a "low roar" in our house and wants to be a part of it. When he's ready to go to bed he makes this cute "whaa" sound until you put him down. Oh I love it. Don't get me wrong, he has his moments like all babies do, when he wants to eat, he wants to eat. When he's tired, he's really tired--but this is nothing compared to what his older siblings did.

People are saying that Wesley is getting his own look--not such a carbon copy of his older sister and brother. But since I found it, here's a picture of Judah in the same shirt as Wesley's in above. I see the difference now! But there's no doubt that they're cut from the same cloth.