Friday, August 26, 2011

These are my thoughts on Laundry

I think EVERY mom can relate to this! Every member of my family was on their last pair of chonies this got me thinking, how is it that I don't have time for the laundry?

In a family of five there is always laundry to do. I HATE doing laundry. Every week I give myself that pep talk that goes something like this: "Emily, if you just do the laundry on one day, like TOMORROW, and fold it all right AWAY, and then put it away right AWAY the Laundry monster will not haunt you all week." So then I go to sleep resolved once again to not let our laundry get out of control. On a side note, those of you who know my hubby, he likes to keep it clean...meaning his clothes. If he has sweated for 5 minutes in anything he has on, it goes right in the laundry, even if it's really not dirty...he does not have a 5 wear rule with his jeans. One time, even for just a trip to church you can bet those jeans are going to be in the laundry five minutes after we get home...and when he's caring for the kids, the same rule applies. So yeah, I really do have a laundry monster. Each Monday passes and I inevitably get caught up doing something different around the house, you know like raising three kids, making meals, wiping noses, kissing booboo's, talking through disagreements, mopping up spilled younameit etc. So although I may have started the laundry first thing Monday morning, by nap time on Monday I realize I have a dried load in the dryer, an almost sour load in the wash...and of course, one load I actually unloaded from the dryer and did not fold. Here's my thought process...
Ok, the load in the dryer has to get heated up so it's not wrinkled...go into the laundry room and turn on the dryer. Oh my, the kitchen counter is far too dirty to put clean clothes on it, I need to wipe it down. Oh, now the floor is dirty, I should really sweep it while I am at this cleaning thing. Oh, the table needs to be wiped first. Sweep under the table...don't forget. Oh, the computer is open with my e-mail up...what's that I have a new e-mail? Oh boy I love getting e-mail. I should respond to this right away so I don't forget. Wow, that e-mail took a little longer than I expected. Well, the dryer has five more minutes, I should check some of the blogs I read. While I am at it, I should update our blog. Hmmm what should I blog about? How I hate doing laundry? Sounds good...Oh hi Judah. You're up from your nap early. You want to snuggle? Oh I love snuggles from my big boy. Oh you need a snack? OK. Milk, fruit or crackers. Crackers it is. Yes, you can sit next me on my chair and watch some funny videos on the computer. Don't worry about the crumbs you just got all over the counter I just cleaned up. Oh Hi Clara, I hear Wesley too...we should go get him. Wesley needs a bottle, and would you look at that? I spilled powdered formula all over the counter, again. Well Wesley's really hungry I should feed him and clean that little spill later. Hi Hon! I am so glad you're home. Yep, I got several loads of laundry "done". You're starving. Well let me get to making dinner. Do you mind playing with the kiddos a little bit? OK! Dinner's ready, lets eat! How does preparing a meal for five create So.many.dishes? Well, I really should get the dishwasher loaded so that I can unload it first thing in the morning. We want to go swimming? Ok! Let's get in the car. Time for showers...if you get right into the shower and wash quick you can watch a few minutes of a's your milk, drink up it's time for bed! Oh no, I forgot! Laundry. Oh I'll just start the dryer again and heat up those clothes. Ugh, the ones in the wash are starting to smell sour--I cant stand sour clothes! I better run this, this time with baking soda to help with the sour smell. Wow, that counter top is far too dirty to put clean clothes on it, I should wipe down. Oh the floors dirty, again. Sweep sweep. My e-mail is open, wow, five new messages? I feel loved. I am really behind in responding to several of these! You ready for bed Owen? Well, let me get the kid's milk ready for the'd like to do what?

Sound familiar? I think if it weren't for Owen, sometimes we'd never have clean clothes. Thank you honey!
Here's Wesley Thomas at 6 months and 5 days. Wow he's getting so big! We went to the Ped. on Monday for his well check and he looks great! He's 15 lbs and 13 oz and I think 27 1/2 inches long...the nurse moved rather quickly so I had to look fast. He's ahead of schedule on the development area--he's sitting completely unassisted, almost crawling, tracking, grabbing at food & toys, babbling up a storm and has even mastered the art of pulling down his baby bed bumper to play peek-a-boo with his nap time.
One thing that wasn't super fantastic at this appointment is that we've been referred to an optimalogist. Wesley's right eye is smaller than his left. Although I have noticed that they were not quite symmetrical, I couldn't really determine the difference. My Ped. noticed and asked if I had noticed and since I did, wants to just have it checked out.
Is there anything sweeter than brotherly love? Although I don't think that Judah has really noticed, Wesley has certainly noticed that Judah is around and I can already tell that Wesley wants to be doing whatever it is that Judah's doing. It's so sweet! Judah is always bringing Wesley his trucks & cars and saying, "Wesley, you wanna pawk it?" SO CUTE!
Clara's love for Wesley continues to grow as she watches him start to develop more and more. Every day as he's in the crawling position she cheers him on and says "Come on bubby, you can do it! Come on". She's excited that he's trying food and always says how much he loves her because he always smiles when she comes around.

Even if these kids create lots of laundry, I wouldn't trade them for laundry free days for the rest of my life. I am even more thankful that they help me to remember what's really important, like taking pictures of cute kids, NOT THE LAUNDRY!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just some sentances

life has been busy lately.
I took my sister on a surprise girls only babymoon last week. It was the longest I've left Wesley and I missed him terribly but we had a BLAST. I have found that giving surprises makes me extremely happy but oh so nervous. I don't think my heart was beating at it's regular rate until we were half way to Sedona. I love massages and I need to get them more often! Umm Hello! Why hasn't anyone told me about Slide Rock? So much fun!

My mom is in town and it's been wonderful to have her here...I hope that by adding her 8th grandchild she'll be high tailing it down here permanently. Just to clarify, its Rachael that's pregnant, not me!

I am training for the PF Changs Rock & Roll Marathon 1/2. I cannot believe I just typed that sentence. I have been running since I was diagnosed with PPD after Judah was born and might as well do it with a purpose in mind now. The training schedule I am using seems to ease me into the distance required. Yes, I am running on day's when it's a 115 out--thank God for the golf course and a very consistent sprinkler schedule.

Wesley is growing so fast. It makes me so happy that he seems to be a "super baby" learning tings ahead of the curve, but it makes me sad too. The time is going by SO fast. He is almost crawling. He's sitting unassisted and seems to be growing an inch by the week.

Clara has been saying the funniest things lately. She says that she needs to go to the "doctor to get a shock if I gets sick". She says "I do love brushing my teeth, but I don't"--that sentence can be applied to almost anything. She has learned to talk back and sass me. Wow where did that come from? She tells Judah what he "likes". "Judah, you like holding my hand". Clara's face is beginning to look more like a little girl and less like a baby. It still makes me laugh a bit when I see the remnence of the haircut she gave herself. My mom says she can see how she's 'matured' in the last 6 months and can see how she battles between being a toddler and a "grown up little girl". I can too. She can swim pretty well and is adventurous but cautious.

Judah is my little sparkler. He's swimming well too. He has what we call a "silent entry" to the water. He makes no noise when he enters and then he just floats there face down and thinks he's swimming. It's quite terrifying to watch--he comes up smiling every.single.time. I usually stay home with Mr. Wesley but a few days ago made the trip to swim...he jumped in all by himself that day--just to impress his mama. Oh I love that kid. He is talking up a storm and can be heard shouting "No Clala" a million times a day. At least he's not just submitting himself to her any more! He discovered while I was away that color crayons are not for coloring on the walls & doors. He also discovered that when daddy's home he doesn't have to get dressed. He says "I wanto do somthin' fun mommy" When I ask what that is he smiles and says "Go to gamma's house". The boy LOVES his gramma!

Owen and I are working hard on the move...our house is being de-cluttered, things are being donated and given to friends. Moving is a great way for me to see that I really don't need all this stuff. We've been stretched as a couple in our communication. I have learned that two very type A people--two visionaries obviously will have their own visions of how a process should go...if it's not communicated that can be well, a mite difficult! Owen is sleep walking a lot again. He swears he's not stressed out.

God continues to be merciful to us and has held my naturally anxious heart in His hand. We have a real peace about all of the 'unknowns' in our future but know that He's going to guide us where ever we go!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Movin' Movin' Movin'...

Literally minutes before I snapped this picture my mom had just asked if Wesley was indicating any interest in crawling..."no, it'll be a few weeks" I replied. Ha! next thing I see is Wesley on all fours...smiling--Goodness I love this kid! As of today, he's able to move his knees at the same time and propel himself forward and then he promptly face plants. Today he spent 2 hours of his 3 hour "nap time" up on his hands and knees trying to figure this out. He's already woken 2x this evening--is there such thing as sleep crawling? Wesley turns 6 months this month--SIX MONTHS! That's nuts! The time is going by so much faster than I can handle.

This is how we found Clara sleeping the other night. She's not as particular as her mom about her sleeping conditions. Clara is a fast paced little girl who is challenging me (in the best way imaginable) regularly as a parent , as a woman and as a Christian. In all of her antics I am finding myself being brought to this great point of realization that I cannot parent her on my own strength! As she gets older and discovers more things I find that my desire to protect her and mold her becomes stronger and stronger. Of course I can't do this on my own and have to rely on Christ. Thankfully He's always giving...His mercies are new every morning! And of course His mercies are new every night at bed time!
Things are going great as far as the move goes. The basement is completely painted--a special thank you goes out to Joy for watching the kids while Owen and I painted AND a special thank you for letting me pick colors. I'll post pictures when were in and all decorated.
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