Friday, September 30, 2011

The one where I take a picture of a urinal

Betcha didn't know that there's a urinal in our new house. Yessiree. Pure design genius for a family with four boys! So just in case you didn't hear...we have a urinal in our new house, you now have the proof.

And this is just a tease of our bathroom...

More pictures of the rest of the house to come.
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Many faces of Wesley

We recently started Wesley on solid food and the child will.not.stop.eating. So different from our other experiences! He's eating everything he can get his hands on. He eagerly opens his mouth and waits for us to shovel it into his mouth. His face is quite funny after each bite. He's mastered the fish face. LOVE IT!
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So Much fun to be had...

At our new house we have LOTS of dress up clothes. But we don't have little boy pants...ha ha.

Cowgirl Clara

To be honest, I have no idea what we'd call Judah's character, but does it really matter? He looks so darn happy & cute!
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Friday, September 23, 2011


There have been many things that have been unexpected about this move...Of course some of the funniest things have come from the kid's. They've been saying things like...

"Mom, I can't find you anywhere"
"Mom, I can't see you all da time in gramma's house"
"When are we going home?"
"We live at gramma's house for a really long day now?"
"You wanna see my new room now?"--If I hear this one more time I might die...they don't get that I did their new room...and I am done with their new room.
"Where's uncle Isaac?"
"Can we wake him up?"
"Papa come home on the air port plane."
"Gramma's seeping. We can wake her up if we want"

There have been a few unexpected things for me compulsive cleaning is back! My feet don't hurt after a long day because there is plush carpet throughout the house. My calves are sore from walking up and down the stairs. I LOVE having a garbage disposal. Yes people, I've lived for the last 6 years without a sink aerator. A garage, oh how nice. I really enjoy using the new-to-me washer and dryer--I actually look forward to doing laundry!

Another unexpected thing? JOY---not the emotion, the person. My mother-in-law is in town. Now I know that there sometimes can be a negative association with that title, but let me tell you there is nothing farther from the truth here! It's not like she was unexpected, but I didn't expect all of the perks of having her around! She say's things like:

"Well, the kids are sleeping, why don't you go to the gym?"
"Can I please give Wesley his bottle?"
"Don't worry about sweeping or mopping the floor, I'll do it after the kids go to bed"

Can I get an AMEN here? Let me just tell you that Angels have been singing the Hallelujah Chorus in my heart all week. I am going to be so spoiled while she's here! I think she's going to be equally spoiled having her grand babies at arms reach any time she wants them.

We are settled for the most part. There are a few odds and ends that we need to get hung up or put away, but it's feeling more like home. When those projects are done there will be pictures I promise! We feel so blessed to be entering into this season of life...It's not where we thought we'd be 6 months ago, but we know it's where we're supposed to be. We've yet to find renters for our home, so be in prayer for that. Pictures to come...