Monday, October 31, 2011


We went on a camping trip this weekend. Oh my what to say what to say? I did have fun. I did freeze, there was a bathroom, and I probably will do it again. We joined 6 other families from our church--There were 26 in all, 14 adults, 12 kids ranging from 8 weeks to 7 years of age and 2 dogs. We went to Camp Verde, just south of Sedona and camped in this beautiful canyon area with a creek running through it. So here are some snapshots.

The littlest Maurer getting ready for his first Camping trip.

Our loaded 4runner. The first indication that we brought way too much stuff!
The oldest Maurer setting up the tent (OK I confess, this is Owen taking down the tent at the end of the trip, but who could really tell?) And can we say saggy pants?

The fuel for the weekend....Starbucks Frappaccino's. Note to self--next time bring some coffee that can be heated when it's only 37* outside! We didn't anticipate that it would be that cold, Owen and I and all three of the kiddo's snuggled together to keep warm. The first night, pretty much every hour of the night one of the 12 children were crying! It was the longest night ever!

 The littlest Maurer and the Middle Maurer chillin' quite literally in the morning. Can I just say how thankful I am that I don't regularly rely on a camp fire to warm up milk for my baby?
 The big cheese!
 Clara was in heaven being outside with her daddy all weekend long!

Our youngest camper, Caleb...can you see him in there? 
Is it just me or does Mena seem like she's got something up her sleeve for Judah? 

 Eating breakfast...
 Green Machine.
 Dan and Katie enjoying breakfast---about 3 hours after the rest of us! They "slept in" as their camp site was away from the rest of us...not far enough though because they still could hear all the cryin' babes!
 Clara and Judah enjoying a treat from their daddy. Twinkies are not something that I would give them! They were so happy! Owen took them on a "trail" of exciting and bumpy driving.
The beautiful stream right by our tent. This was my "white noise" for sleeping.

Ahh and here's my mountain man! When I first laid eyes on Owen my sister told me that I wouldn't like him because he was "kind of a mountain man". Ha! Believe it or not, this was our first real "outdoors experience" since being together--not sure how I lucked out to get someone who is "so prepared" for EVERYTHING. I love you babe. Give me at least 6 months before we have to do that again.
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Look Mom!

I hear the exclamation "Look mom!" about 100 times a day. Usually It's not something that I run to. It's usually a picture in a book, a princess sticker, a spilled cup of something or whatever else kids think worthy of showing to me. I heard "LOOK MOM!" from Judah in a voice I hadn't quite heard before. I couldn't tell if it was excitement, fear or trouble so I came running. Judah thought it would be cool to put the music table, Wesley's favorite toy up on the stair landing. Wesley did think that was cool and apparently high tailed it up the stairs to play with it.

Be still my heart. He's quick and cute. He's so proud of himself. He does it regularly now! We'll have to spend an afternoon very soon teaching Mr. Wesley how to go down the stairs. 
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Keeping an eye on it!

So we're keeping an eye on Wesley's eyes. All in all his eyes are formed perfectly and the A-symmetry we were seeing is just that--his face is not perfectly symmetrical. We did discover during the exam that he has astigmatism--he's near sighted--so we will keep an 'eye' on that. Ha ha! So thankful though for a pediatrician who would rather seem overly cautious to another doctor than risk missing something on one of my kids.

As you can see, Wesley is pulling himself up and he's so tall! That's a pretty tall stool he's holding onto and it was no biggie for him to go from the music table to the stool. He's so proud of his new skills! Clapping, crawling, and now pulling up onto things all before 8 months! I'm slightly proud myself. Such a sweet little stinker he is.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We have a RENTER!

OK can I just say how much of a confirmation that Owen and I have has been such a blessing? Our confirmation? We have a renter--for the next 12 months! Some amazing things about this? We only advertised on our street and on Craigs list. The renter is one of the first of several who contacted us. They wanted it and everything checked out. It was in our desired time frame too which means we've already begun to save! God is so faithful--remember? We really felt that this is a huge step of faith for us that was directed by God for our family. We are so thankful!

turning this home over to someone else is hard for me...more so than Owen. This is where I brought all three of my babies home...this is where I cried more tears than I care to remember over those babies and how my life had just changed so drastically! I have spent so much time in this house. This house covered my head for 6 years, the longest housing for me in a 12 year period. This is where Owen and I dug our hands in (OK it was all Owen) and made a beautiful yard, warm home, perfect custom shelving---oh the shelving. But  I know that this is just stuff. There is nothing in that house that makes it a home because all the stuff that makes it a home is with me. My husband. My Clara. My Judah. My Wesley.
As Owen and I were cleaning it for the final time on Saturday, I just had more of that sense than anything...this place is empty without my family. So now I am saying goodbye (for now--and maybe forever) to our first home. She's a beauty ain't she?

Another room

 Oh Man!  I know you all are waiting patiently and checking back daily  dying to see pictures of the new digs. So here ya go.
 This is the entry from the stairwell. Can I just say how huge this room is? It's a good thing we have a big couch! There are two colors, the white-ish and then a soft "porch gray"
There are a few things that we've inherited while living in the basement. Exhibit A--the kitchen table. I've turned it into a desk & family office area. It will soon also serve as a home school area--yep you read that right. Home school.

 Our Maurer wall--recreated. The metal crates were a trash find...haha. I think they're camping fire toasters.
This is another view of our "family office/home school area" Keep an eye out for more pictures as I am adding and transforming this into our school area. 

Things are still going great here. We're all finding our new normal. Next week we're going to be starting our new routine preparing for home schooling. We're all learning here!