Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thx Giving Gunning

Have a few pics here of me and the Boys shooting. Ya, his is Daddy Owen posting. I was informed by my warrior Queen this will not be a regular feature. Or so she thinks. I have to say the Blog is pretty accurate day to day as to how we really live. But, you know a "good wife" typically tries to hide any and all red neck and hill billy moments. Hope to sneak back in soon. Owen Out....

Single Uncle Isaac 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Callan Elyse

Announcing the birth of my third niece Callan Elyse. My sister Rachael had her baby girl a few weeks early, much to her relief and our joy! 

The Tres Amigos. I've been at 2 of Rachael's births with my mom...Both have been at all three of my deliveries. I couldn't imagine it another way. 

 Obviously comfortable! Thank God for modern medicine.
I think this is the best face ever. I told Rach to give me her "Oh my, I just realized I am about to have my 3rd child" face. I think she nailed it! 

Callan Elyse--5 lbs 9 oz born at 9:32 pm. Callan is our maiden name, we'll call her Callie

The happy family! 

Boo for Sickies

So we have made it almost 9 months without a true illness for seems he's made up for it this past week. Man oh man, there's pretty much nothing sadder than this little boy being sick. He ran 103+  fever for 4 days and then came the explosions from both ends. Poor baby is so tired--he's not played much this week at all, he just wanted to be snuggled or held. If he didn't want to be held he wanted to be sleeping. Praying that today's more up beat baby will stay. 

We happen to have his 9 month well check on Monday. Umm hello? Where did the last 9 months go? I cannot believe that he is 9 months and that he's 3 months shy of a year! God has been so merciful, with each passing month I can look back and can remember where I was with both of the other two kids...Clara was still work every day for me--trying to figure this whole mommy thing out. Judah was in the beginning throws of his failure to thrive and I was feeling crazy managing all of his symptoms and calculating his intake & calories. With Wesley, we're happily enjoying the snuggle time with a small illness and blessed that things are going so well! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

We are here

We are here. Still. Busy. loving life. Home Schooling. Celebrating a legacy of marriage with family. 60 years people. We are still here. More to come soon.