Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Clara turned 4 recently--oh the funny things she's been saying. I've been meaning to write this post for FOREVER but with all that's been going on I just haven't. She's beginning to mimic all the little phrases she hears around the house in her most grown up voice. Oh it's a total crack up! Some of my favorites though? Here is a sampling:

In the morning:
"We need to go upstairs and have brepkest. I want frozen flakes."
"Wesley, let's get you in your chair high."
"I can rinse my own dish mom. You just need to turn on the sink"

During Play time:
"Judah, if you keep doing that you'll get a spankin'"
"Oh commear baby doll, did you get hit by your big sister?" (remember she's mimicking common phrases)
"Raggaley Ann, wont you come and play?" (raggedy ann)
"Time to go! We're going to be late. I hate being late" (wont tell you who she hears that from!)

During Cuddle time: (this makes me laugh all the time when I think of it)
Me: Clara, did you know that Jesus loves you and can help you all through the day? He can help calm your heart when you get angry. He can comfort you when you are sad. He loves you so much! When you get scared, He will give you a peace."

Clara: A piece?

Me: Yes, a peace.

Clara: A piece of meat?

Me: laughing hysterically, the spiritual moment was lost!

During School Time:
We were doing our Bible verse and I was asking her to "repeat after me"
Me: Say "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."

Clara: Blank stare.

Me: Repeat the words after me. "I can do all things..."

Clara: "I can do all things by myself".  
Aaahhh depravity is seen even in the babes.


I did it! I RAN a  half marathon. 13.1 miles people. What an experience...one I have likened to having a baby--not like the pain--but the time frame. I thought I was running forever and then all the sudden it was over. I had done it and I had this "accomplishment" under my belt.

 When I walked up to the race it dawned on me exactly a year ago I was 9 months pregnant watching this very same race. As Owen and our family of 4 walked to our viewing place, I remembered having so may contractions I thought I might deliver right there (I didn't). There was a seed planted that day that maybe I'd be able to run the race next year...

I did and I cannot believe it!

I will call my brother the WILD CARD of the race! I told Alex that I would be running it and in a passing comment he said he'd run it with me. Well turns out he was serious and totally did. Every brutal step. I know I could not have finished as successfully without him. There was one point I wanted to take a break and he just said no...that we were going to keep running. And we did.
Thank you Alex! Definitely a "Hallmark Moment" in our lives together.

I began running in August of 09 after Judah was born to help me recover from PPD. It was out of necessity. Judah would cry at night for long periods and I would go on a run in 105 degree weather and Owen would call me and say "keep running, he's still crying". I had never been a runner in my life prior to that.
I stopped running at 26 weeks preggers with Wesley. I started up again in March when he was 3 weeks old. I thought that maybe this would be the year that I would run the half. Keep in mind that at this point, running 2 miles was about it for me and I felt like death afterwards! 
And then in steps this little firecracker in my life. I've mentioned her before, Grace, my running partner. She just moved here to Phoenix a few months ago and it was such great timing. God's perfect timing if you'd ask us! I was just contemplating the race when I met Grace and no sooner had she unpacked her house in Phoenix when she said she was going to start training for the half and she needed a running partner. She added up our miles, both together and separate and we've put in just over 200 miles through our training. WOW! A big prop to Grace, when we started running together her mile was about 13:30's and now she runs a swift 10:10. So proud! I have been so blessed to share this process with her, get to know her sweet determined spirit and have such great accountability. I know I could not have done it without her! 

These are the long run girls, Kim, Grace, Me, Sue and Kelley--Well, Kelley didn't run with us at all but we were missing our girl Taylor so she stood in for us. We ran every Saturday together during the training season.
These pictures were between miles 10-11 after 3 miles UP HILL. Yep you read that right, miles 8,9, and 10 were all up hill and I totally wanted to stop. I think we were barely running...but we were still running. Owen greeted me with the kids at this point and it did work to boost my spirits. It has meant so much to have Owen's support and know that my kids are seeing me do something great. Gave kisses to everyone and then kept.on.running.

I seriously thought if I stopped and bent over to kiss Wesley all the way down in his seat that I would fall over. So he just got a big smile. 

This was just a few yards from the finish line. I was so happy to be done. I seriously could not believe I did it. We ran the whole thing!
Definitely had pain immediately following the race in my feet & my hips but after that subsided and I got some sugar back in my body I began to feel a little more normal. I was sore the day after but already have that urge to go back out and run again. I think I am hooked. What an exhilarating  experience--I have never pushed my body that hard before. I will do it again and I am already pining for a better time & better overall race! 
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Family Hiking

We hiked North Mountain on New Year's day. What a great way to start the new year, it was beautiful out and the kids again were real troopers hiking a mile!

I once a gain wore Wesley in the moby wrap...unfortunately he wasn't super happy about being tied up for the whole thing--he's getting quite active himself! These hikes have been so fun and a nice change for me from the running. The half marathon is in a week and a half. I cannot believe I am here. Struggling with a little cold or sinus infection right now which has me a little nervous that I'll feel 100% for the race. But I know I have put in the time and all of the training and hopefully everything will feel just fine!

I love this man...these kids adore him.

Enjoying 'trail mix' at the top of the mountain

Look mom. an M&M

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This one was just too cute not to share. 


Although this is a picture of Wesley, I felt more like him this Christmas! Drowning in activity (of our own doing) and gifts our kids were shown more love and generosity than they knew what to do with!

The boys. Judah looks like he's doing something naughty...Wesley just looks like he's going to out grow Judah over night!

A little sister lovin'....a little too much lovin'

The happy boys

The Happy Family: I LOVE how our picture is different every year, with a new addition.
 Clara and Judah last year 2010
The family in 2009

 Clara & Mom and dad with Judah in the oven in 2008

Yep, this is Clara's first Christmas. In the blur of a one week old first baby who was tinier than I can remember, the idea of a 'first Christmas photo' was lost on me! 
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