Sunday, March 25, 2012

Warm Weather Fun

 We have been taking the kids to the Tempe Beach Park lately to play in the fountains ans ride bikes. It's been nice enjoying our warm weather before it gets scorching hot! Judah trying to be coy and not look at the camera while still looking at the camera.
 I don't know what to say about Wesley in this picture--he looks like he's trying to command the water. I think he was just really frustrated that he couldn't run around like the big kids
 A rare "normal" smile from Clara on Camera.
So sad! Really though, it's been fun seeing the kids love being out doors, playing hard, experiencing new things like riding bikes in big settings (i.e. not in the fenced in backyard) and getting out as a family. Times I know I will remember and enjoy forever.

Train them while they're young folks

 It's no secret, I like a clean house. Since moving into this house, there's been 3x the amount of space to clean than I used to. So naturally I had to enlist some helpers to get the jobs done.
 So yeah, we train them while they are young! Actually on this particular night Wes was rather fussy and I had to get the mopping done. We have 2 swiffers--cause that's how I roll--so naturally I gave one to Wesley. It was the only thing that cheered him up. He was so proud to be doing something with Mommy!
So happy!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Car Accident and Thankful

Tuesday of this past week, I took the kids to the Children's Museum of Phoenix. It was a very busy day at the museum so we left earlier than we normally would. Pulling out of the parking spot, the customary question was asked, "Everyone buckled?". A resounding "yes" was called back by Clara and Judah, but Clara said she wasn't tight enough. I cranked my arm around and tightened her strap and we were on our way.

I was merging onto the freeway and there was a car stopped at the yield. I stopped fast. The car behind us did not. No squeal being heard, I had no idea there was another vehicle about to plow into us. The impact of the car in the rear propelled our SUV into the car in front of us. Screams from my three babies could be heard instantly after the deafening BANG of impact. I've never heard a sound like that before. I have heard it in my mind a thousand times since then. I pulled over (barely) and with wobbling knees, shaking from head to toe, and instantaneous tears (I have no idea how to make that not happen) I got out of my car screaming "MY BABIES ARE IN THAT CAR". The driver who hit us was surveying the damaged property (a fancy, very new car) when attentions were directed to the slightly hysterical driver coming at him. me. Then all attention turned immediately to the kids (rightfully so), questions were asked "how many babies do you have?" "How old are they?" "Are they OK? Are they injured?" Children were checked out, apologies were said, tears were dried and police were called all before the dust was really settled. It was just an accident. That's why it's called an "Accident".

Owen arrived very quickly, although at the time I had no concept of time--a minute seemed like a second and a second seemed like an hour. I just wanted to crumple in his arms and cry it out. But he helped me keep focused on the task at hand. Statements were given to the police, cars were loaded on the tow truck and my car was "zip tied" back together to make it drive-able. Owen took my car and we loaded the kids into Isaac's car so we could fit all the car seats in one car. I drove home an hour later the most cautious driver on the road.

God was so merciful in this situation. All three drivers involved walked away. My three babies were uninjured and seem to have no fear about getting in the car again. I have some emotional and mental tension left from the accident and I am sure it will go away as things get worked out. I am so grateful for insurance...I've never needed to be grateful for insurance. Oh I am so grateful for insurance. It seams that things are being taken care of as best can be expected (our car is repairable, our kids got a clean bill of health from the pediatrician and I am doing some light PT). Thank you Jesus for our SUV, our great car seats and vehicles that were (all) insured.

Things I have learned already in this situation--

  • I have NO SKILLS in an emergency. My mind was telling me what needed to be done but I could not do them (like call 9-1-1). I was able to force myself to call Owen who was my voice of reason--On the phone he tells me to calm down and pull it together. I could hardly tell him where the accident happened. After I had my moment of freak out time I was able to be calm and strong for my babies. 
  • It has paid off to be meticulous about loading our kids in their car seats the right way every. single. time. Owen always says you load them like you know this is the time we will be in an accident. I can't stand to think what could have happened if Clara hadn't told me that her seat wasn't "tight". 
  • It was amazing to have two drivers who were kind immediately following the accident. Everyone agreed that it was an accident and no one spoke out of line or was accusatory--except for my little freak out time. 
I do have photos of the accident & scene but out of respect for the other drivers and the fact that our insurance stuff is being worked out I will not be posting those on the blog.