Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beauty School Drop Out

 Clara is a girl through and through. LOVES to have her nails done...and just recently discovered that perhaps she could paint nails too. She is so proud. and wow, we're proud to strut her beauty school practice.
 These aren't my feet...Grandma was the lucky girl!
 To avoid one more post, we've an incredible amount of rain this year in Phoenix. The kids love playing outside while it's raining. Let's face it, its the only time they are playing outside these days is when it's raining.

Boys weekend

Owen took Judah on a boys camping weekend. I think it was pretty special for him to have time without his sister and to get his daddy all to himself. Owen said he was brave, curious, adventurous and funny the whole time. 2 other dads from church joined this trip too--since I wasn't there, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. 

click on this image to see a larger picture
One thing I do know is that Judah missed his "wessey brudder". When he got home late Saturday night, he had been sleeping the whole way in the car--he asked me "Mom, is my wessey brudder asleep?" I said yes. He said "I need to give him a hug." So I laid Judah in his bed and brought Wesley to him and they bear hugged each other like you'd not believe. A moment I'll treasure in my heart.

Sickening snake

Because of course it's normal to be driving on our way home from church and to see a large dead snake, a result of road kill, and stop to pick it up. Owen is always thinking. Ahh that's why I love him. He said as he swerved off the road to pick up his prize, "the kids are gonna love this!"

 "Kids" may have been an overstatement. Judah didn't really want anything to do with it. Wesley was sleeping and I was forced  willingly documented this momentous occasion in our family.
 You can obviously see who is enjoying this the most. Owen and the kids went to youtube to find videos on how to skin a snake. Never knew there would be such a plethora of information.
 Clara was unsure of the snake head, but the tail didn't seem to creep her out as much.
 You can thank me now for sharing this awesome family adventure and leaving out the gory details. We are now the proud owners of a dried snake skin. Don't be jealous. I'll be sporting a new snake skin belt soon.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just Sayin'

The kids have been saying funny things lately.

Judah: "Mom, I need to get something out of the fridger"

Judah: "Mom, I need to get my jams on" (meaning pajamas)

Judah: "Mom, I can't find my blanks" (meaning blankets)

Clara about three months ago had this conversation with me.

Clara: "Mom, where do babies come from?"

me: "Where do you think they come from?"

Clara: "Well, God opens the door to your belly button and they just come out".

me: "That sounds nice, doesn't it?"

Yesterday Clara had this conversation with me.

Clara: "I was way smaller than my brothers when I was born."

me: "yep" (we have this discussion about 3x a day)

Clara: "I camed out of your crouch mom."

Me: "who told you that?"

Clara: "Olivia".

Sigh. At least I don't have to tell her!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cutest Cowboy this side-a the Mississippi

Wesley has recently been into wearing cowboy hats, climbing on the play horse and shooting guns--seriously. I have no idea how he learned that all three are quintessential little boy things to do. Pretty much nothing cutter than than him running around the house in his hat with his little play gun saying "bong". Yep, that's how it comes out.  

This is my "Howdy, glad to meet ya face"

Sometimes it's still hard to mount my trusty steed...
but I smile through it

It helps if I wrap my legs all the way around my steed's belly

Ahh, nothing like ridding bareback! 

Sunday Night Fun

On a too hot to play outside Sunday night, there's pretty much nothing I wont allow to let the kids have some fun...even if it means sacrificing a little of the longevity of my couch...and photographing my kiddos in their underwear--because apparently being in just undies makes them jump higher & farther.

Judah gets serious air...must be because he's as light as a feather
We call this the flying squirrel