Sunday, September 30, 2012

That's SO Home School!

 This is a token picture of Wesley--since he's not home schooling yet, this post isn't really about him, but his cuteness was too much not to share!
 First day of school. Don't judge. At our house you can go to school with a belt, no shirt, or in jammies or gasp! spaghetti straps! Whatever suits your fancy. That's so home school.
Now for the real reason for the post...we finished our home school area! We have have been talking about the best plan for this area since we moved in (just over a year ago now). The space used to look like this. It was a large kitchen table with 2 chairs and not a lot of functional wall/work space. 
 It now looks like this! Owen built a custom table for the area. We found some industrial school chairs and re-arranged wall space. See the big yellow box? Well, how could you miss it. It is a hand me down from Joy. She used it the entire time that she home schooled the boys...when it came to me it was full of fun little things that she used as teaching enhancement. A sweet addition to our area. Believe it or not, our whole year of curriculum & papers are stored in there.
 I love how it turned out and how we have more space to work & learn. And yes, the bulletin board color scheme totally matches because I am obsessive like that. It may or may not have been done in primary colors and that just may not have been 'workin' for me. And yes, that's so home school!

 We've already had two weeks of school. So far so good. Just to document the goodness of the first 2 weeks, so I don't forget it in the "badness" of the 26 weeks remaining, Clara has had a fantastic attitude. She said, and I quote, "Mom, I just LOVE spending so much time with you." and also, I quote, "Mom, I am SO glad you are my teacher." Yep, I'll stuff those little gems in my back pocket for later.
Can't wait to break this area in tomorrow! One benefit of really high chairs? Our kids are more likely to stay at the table instead of "wandering" off because they forgot "that it was school time." Bwahahah

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Favorites

These are some of my favorite shots from the week...Ignore the foggy lens! 

 Waking up in our king size bed and snuggling with the kids--Ignore the fact that is was really like 3 am for us Phoenicians when the kids woke! And yes, I changed this photo to a black and white because it was morning and I didn't have make up on and I am vain like that!
 True to form, Judah playing with a car, on the beach.
 Clara and Judah shared a bed while we were there and one night when I went in and checked on them, they were holding was so sweet!

This was our last day...all tuckered out. 
 and although there aren't many pictures of me from this vacation, I was there! See?

North Carolina

I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, vacation was visiting relatives (in their homes) going camping, going to the cabin (think rustic not luxurious) or ROAD TRIP. As an adult, I've had one vacation in another country (sans spouse), 2 vacations to San Diego where I froze and several camping trips with kids--enough about that. Thanks to my in laws I've now been to one of the nicest and most relaxing vacations so far.

Shall we talk about the airplane? We left bright and early at 5:30 am on Saturday...thankfully on the way there we had Auntie & Uncles to help with the kids...the way back was another story. But We definitely experienced God's mercy both ways as the kids were exceptionally well behaved and we didn't miss our (return) flights. And if you look closely at the collage, you can see Judah sleeping on the floor of the airplane and our two big kids all "packed" and ready to go. 
 Doesn't this face say JOY? That's what our week looked like all week in North Carolina, in Surf City, on Topsail Island. I thought we were walking out into a magazine when I looked at the view from our window. White sand beaches, clear skies and the perfect waves and perfect weather as far as the eye could see. And when my kiddos walked on the beach for the first time--so much fun!
 These photos are a little "foggy" because the first day was very humid--my camera had to adjust. BUT the pictures of their first reactions on the beach are too precious not to capture.
 Notice the nice packed sand...this was GREAT for several runs on the beach. Thanks to Andrew & Charity for keeping me company for a couple of them.
 Oh throwing much sand.

 We visited the North Carolina Battleship which was cool. Nothing like a Maurer family tradition. Those are some big guns!
 The boys spinning the wheels.
 Just hanging out on the ship.

 Here's a photo of our house...see what I mean? Something out of a magazine.
 The kids played together in such sweet ways the whole week. It's amazing what time and space outdoors can do for their relationship.
 Surfin' on the sand--Isaac is lookin' comfortable sun bathing. Just a reminder ladies, he's single.

The beach wore Mr. Wesley out very quickly each day, but thankfully there was always an uncle, aunt, or grandparent to snuggle him and give him a little rest.