Friday, December 21, 2012

Five Years

We had a very fun weekend last weekend. It was Clara's birthday. She turned five. Although it is absolutely shocking to have a five year old--somehow this makes me a "real" parent--I am thrilled to be Clara's mom and to know that she is the first little person that God chose to entrust to Owen and I. I look back at who I was as a first time mom 5 years ago, to the kind of mom I am today and wonder if I would recognize myself! Parenthood has a way of shaping and changing people...I am SO glad too. Clara's strong will, zest for life, enthusiasm, spirited fierceness has placed me on my knees on so many occasions. I would not trade her or the things learned through being her parent for anything!

This year I did a very small drop off party with 2 cousins and one friend. It was perfect! Clara was the life of the party--she had the girls laughing all night. To watch her soak up the attention (appropriately) and enjoy the night that we had planned together brought such joy to (our) my heart.

 The girls all wore "party dresses" and we took photos together. Our craft was to make a picture frame, & they took it home with photos together at the party. They turned out pretty cute. Above, Clara with cousin Lila.
 Clara with dear friend Lydia.
 Clara and mommy crafting.
 We made homemade pizza's for everyone...of course Clara had to cheese it up for the photo.
 I bought root beer in bottles and that was a big hit...the girls (except one who shall remain nameless) barely made it through 1/3 of their drinks.
 Clara and her cousin Olivia.
 Cake time! A special thank you to Auntie Rachael for making pink cakes with strawberries per the birthday girl's request.
 Snuggled up for watching "Tangled" after the festivities died down. This was a "faux" sleep over--everyone changed into PJ's and pretended like they'd stay for the night--Olivia did stay over, and they slept in a tent in the living room. God bless parents who do that regularly. Staying up until 9:30 and waking at 5:30 am was not quite what I was expecting from these two girls.

Clara shares her birthday with her Great Grandpa, which is just about the most special thing ever. To celebrate we had them over and Grandma Joy bough pizza and Uncle Isaac made chocolate cake. We celebrated the two of them together.

Such a special memory for Clara to have so many of her family members close and to celebrate with her!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pictures as promised

 a rare photo of mom and a child. It's the Christmas season--miracles do happen.
 a rare photo of a child making a silly face. It's the Christmas season--miracles happen.
 A rare photo of papa and the boys--making normal faces. It's the Christmas season--miracles happen
 Ok...this isn't rare in our house. As fore mentioned, the kids did a re-enactment of the firs Thanksgiving, complete with a slaying of a turkey, the cleaning of a turkey and the sharing of the turkey. A special thanks to Grandma for teaching the kids about the thanksgiving history and finding the fantastic costumes.

 The kids watching papa's iphone with a turkey hang over.
Wesley sporting a card that's stating the obvious...