Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cold Snap

This past week we had a "cold snap". And just to show you how much Owen loves his kids, I present to you these photos
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Owen thought it would be a great idea to create a "mister" system in the back yard. He let it run during the night where we expected temperatures in the 20's. It was 20 in our backyard when we got up. I bundled the kids up with pajama's under neath their clothes and triple shirted them--hats and galoshes next and it was outside we went. There were icicles all over trees & the side of the house. The ground was frozen little balls along with a nice slippery "lake". It really was beautiful, crazy and exciting for the kids. 

Wesley was a little less than sturdy on his feet. He found a stance that he felt safe in and stood with his mouth open watching his steamy breath--for like 20 minutes.
Clara and Judah clung to each other so they wouldn't  fall on the ice. It was the cutest thing. 

Clara wanting to chomp her new found treat.
Owen home from work enjoying Iceland!
Nothing was left un-iced. The kids bikes & scooters were COVERED!

See the icicles?

It's Sunday now and the last patch of ice melted away this morning as it's now in the 70's. I believe it was the coldest week on record since the 1970's. So glad that Owen had the forethought to celebrate that with the kids in mind. He's pretty much a kid in a grownup body though! 

Half Marathon

 Today I ran my second half marathon and it was GREAT! God has been so faithful in teaching me many different things through training/running--maybe someday I'll share all of that. But first and foremost--this run was for HIS glory. He made me--He gets all the credit.
I felt so good and SO encouraged by all of the support my friends and family showed me. What a difference a year makes. That's me this morning on the left...that's me last year on the right. Last year my goal was just to finish--which I did. This year my goal was to improve my time which I did! This is the "year later" as it was the day after last years race that I determined to loose weight. My brother ran with me last year, and at this point in the race, I don't know that you could really call what we were doing "running". This year, my dear friend Megan came and ran the last 3 miles with me--and we were most certainly running. Thanks Meg for your encouragement! A special thank you to my sister Rachael for coming out with her two big kids and making up the most awesome cheering section EVER--Next year Rach me & You!
I am so glad it's over. I am so glad I did it. I am so grateful for Owen who ran with me for training runs pushing the kiddos & helping to watch Clara on her bike. I am so grateful for the many days/nights that he watched the kids right after he got home from work so I could fit in a run and I am even more grateful that he sacrificed his sleeping in time on Saturday mornings to accommodate the long runs. Husbands, you have no idea what it means to support your wife in these little ways! I am a new woman because Owen made those commitments to me.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


 Clara and Judah sharing love before present time.
 Grandma holding her presents!
Christmas was good. Just for our family record this year, we had 3 "Christmases". We had the Mesner family Christmas on Saturday, the extended Maurer family Christmas on Monday night, our immediate famil Christmas on Tuesday morning, and then we also had the White/Callan family Christmas on Tuesday I guess that's 4 celebrations. This was by far the easiest season, no illness, our kids are older & more flexible.  We are blessed. We were blessed. And thank you Jesus that it's a new year!