Sunday, February 17, 2013

February So far...

We've had a lot going on the past few weeks--hence the silence on the blog. Sometimes living life is enough--documenting it in my mind rather than on the blog...but now that I have a few minutes and a certain grandma is desperate for some new pictures I'll fill you in.

Our month started with a bang, and I took care of 2 extra make life a little more exciting, I scheduled a "home school" outing for the day that I would have 5 children under 5. It went SO well and am grateful for good friendships for my kiddos! We went and visited my good girl friend's mom's house. We called it a farm because we are learning about farm animals--she has two horses, two goats, a handful of chickens, dogs and a lot of really awesome fish! My three were TERRIFIED of the animals at first--and Wesley spent most of the morning gesturing wildly to go back inside. They eventually warmed up and even fed all of the animals! 

 If you will notice in all of these pictures, there are two goats very close to me...they were the FRIENDLIEST goats I've ever met. I actually kind of liked them. They REALLY liked me and would not leave me alone. Wesley, as you can see was not a fan and kept his legs wrapped around my waist--
 Clara and Judah were also freaked by the goats for a time...but they eventually warmed up.

We're so thankful to Helen for opening her home to us and being so hospitable to us--and understanding about our kids lack of animal exposure! She even provided pizza for the whole crew, it was a great trip and we hope to do it again soon.

Wesley is such a serious crafter.
 Like Halloween, my kids are now old enough to realize that Valentines Day exsists. They were all about making Valentine cards for their pre-school co-op friends. Thanks to grandma for having TONS of fun V-day supplies lying around the house.
Clara takes after her daddy and has to have her tongue out of her mouth in order to concentrate. 

We celebrated a double birthday party with Wesley & Maureen turning 2 last aunt Dawn was coming into town for business and since my mom was also in town, we decided on a small family party--although with 8 cousins, that's really not small! 
 It was special to see Wesley love my Aunt Dawn right away--she's always been an aunt with whom I shared a special bond! And I think it helps that she & his Noni look very similar!
 all the cousins.

Such a cheesy smile from the birthday boy. He had red pop at the start of the party--hence the stained mouth in every.single.picture. I'll post more about this special boy on his actual birthday later this week! 

And just to keep it real, here is my daughter with two army men legs stuck up her nose. We're raising them classy people, raisin' em classy!