Saturday, May 25, 2013

God can make me new...

We went to the butterfly Exhibit at the Arizona Botanical Gardens a few weekends ago. We have been studying the life cycle of butterflies--and the paralelles of how God changes our hearts from being lumpy, unattractive and self serving (like a caterpillar) into something that is beautiful & full of life (like a butterfly) by the changing power of the Holy Spirit. It's been a fantastic lesson for the kids and a wonderful timely reminder for me.
 OK--yes I realize this first photo is not of butterflies...we had our 100th day of school some time in april so I am just trying to commemorate it. Yes, I forced my children to pose in the 100 position so I could get this photo--no they did not like it.

 My little butterflies!

If you have not experienced the changing work of Jesus Christ in your life. Please leave a comment and I would love to talk with you via e-mail about that!

He's four

 We will forever celebrate that Judah was born on his Great Grandma's birthday. This year on her 85th birthday, Great Grandma was in the hospital--we went a few days before to say hello and tell her we loved her. We love you Great Grandma and hope you are feeling well enough to be home soon!

Judah had a CARS party and we celebrated all things CARS. We had 4 little boys join us plus a couple of "gwill cousins" much to Judah's chagrin! We painted & assembled matchbox cars and had pizza & watermelon. His favorite present this year? A CARS pillow. 

When it came time for presents, it was hilarious. All of the kids (most first born) were giving instruction on how to open the gifts. His picture is you see the little guy hiding? 

It was also time for Judah to get his big boy bike so he can keep up his sister at the lake. 
We had a CARS cake...and I have some good pictures of it--not only did it LOOK fantastic, it tasted heavenly...I could have eaten the whole thing  (and the cupcakes) by myself. Too bad there were so many friends to share it with! Haha. It was fun to celebrate this boy in a way that he truly loved. His face was lit up the whole night. I love this little guy.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sorrow may last for the night...

Sorrow may last for the night...or in this case several nights, weeks, and probably months. But we know that JOY comes in the morning!

We have experienced great loss this past week as Corey White Sr. went to be with Jesus. It's crazy because he was listening to sermons about Jesus at church on Sunday and on Saturday evening he was ushered into Jesus' presence--now he REALLY knows Jesus and I bet it's just glorious. Corey was my sister's father-in-law. They lived here in Phoenix and we always had them with us for family gatherings, birthday parties and attending church with us. He was a giant man who had a tender heart for his grand kids (and ours too) and had a sense of humor that kept the house laughing. He spent his life as a pastor & youth pastor with a gift to lead others to the feet of Jesus. His absence will be felt tremendously.

We will remember Corey's life tomorrow--And celebrate his NEW ETERNAL life now and forevermore...
 There are many friends & family who have come to say good bye to this man. He will be missed!

We'll be singing our hearts out for you Papa Corey!