Thursday, August 29, 2013

We're Moving--Only God could do it like this!

If you haven't heard this story--read it as a reminder that God has all things in His hand. If you have heard it, read it again as a reminder that God has ALL things in His hands.

Since we moved into Tom and Joy's home, I have had an MLS listing open. We have a dear friend who happens to be a Realtor and so she agreed to open an account for me. In the almost 2 years that I have had the MLS open, there have been 3 houses that we've "looked at" with any sort of interest. Owen and I had a list of things that we needed and a list of things that we wanted in a home. Just to be clear, these were not things like granite counter tops, stainless appliances, upgrades throughout, or beautiful decor--these were things like square footage, storage options, yard space and hosting capabilities and enough bedrooms for our babies.

I regularly showed Owen photos of homes that were interesting or absolutely atrocious. He got annoyed. He got really annoyed this summer and told me flat out to not send him one more stinkin' home until November. So I kept looking but nothing was coming up. We went on vacation and the same 67 homes were still there when I got back and nothing new came up. Then on a whim after a week of not checking the listing I pulled it up...I saw a detached garage that I knew Owen would love, read the details of the house and called him at work--he was annoyed. He was not able to pull up the link I sent him. He was more annoyed. I begged him to look it up on google maps. He did.

Our conversation went like this:
Me: Did you look at the house?
Owen: Yeah, I'm looking at it on the maps right now--we could have Alice meet us there this afternoon maybe it would be worth it.
Me: OK. That sounds good.
Owen: Actually--I am going to take a half day. I will meet you and Alice there at noon.

Fast forward: I pull up to the house and I have goosebumps all over my body. It was like the Holy Spirit was whispering to me that this was our future home. I get out of the car with the kids (trying not to cry because who cries when you go and see a house that you know you might not get?) and Owen was already there--he told Alice to write a full price offer without even seeing the inside of the house. Ahh I love my decisive husband.

Needless to say we love everything about the house and we rush home to get the paperwork started. We  called our loan guy and he flat out tells us we don't qualify--Devastation. Confusion. Working every angle. We talked for the next 48 hours about how we could make this loan work, talked about selling our other property and then we finally realized our loan officer was looking at our old tax records.

You may think that we would be frustrated by this--but really we saw this as the Lord's great protection on us from rushing into this decision--remember we are decisive. After looking at the local market comps, driving around the neighborhood and thinking & praying a lot, we decided we would offer significantly lower than the asking price. Additionally I wrote an appeal letter to the seller to let them know how much we LOVED their property.

Monday came and our loan officer let us know that he was looking at the wrong records and that we did in fact qualify to make a full price offer. We told him we were planning to make an under asking price offer and so we proceeded with the paperwork. We also learned that there was one full price offer and one offer significantly higher than ours. We waited for 2 days. Wednesday came and I got a call from our Realtor--she had her very calm voice on. She told us that the seller accepted our offer and just LOVED that she would be selling to a young family. She had raise her 5 children in that home and wanted to see the home she loved entrusted to another family. Who does that?

I'll tell you who does that--God! I truly believe that God had already hand picked this home out for our family. We have said all along when folks would ask that we know that God has the perfect home for us and He will bring it to us in the perfect timing. I fully believe that God placed a strong desire in the sellers heart to sell her home to a family--this home was designed by God to be ours.

God used the loan officers oversight to help us not rush into the purchase of the home at full price. God used the time it took for us to see the oversight for us to take a deep breath and calm down and decide what would be a more reasonable price for us. God provided us with a home that not only has all of our needs met, but also ALL of our wants...If you could have heard our conversations about what this house would need to be according to Owen and I, you would be laughing at how perfect this home is for us and our family.

Although I am preaching so much of this to myself these days (oh if you only knew how many times I have questioned if God was really going to provide for me...again) I want you to be encouraged knowing that whatever it is that is in front of you--He has a design and a plan that is so good. Trust Him that He has those circumstances in His hands. He cares about the details. He cares about the big picture. He cares about you and loves you more than you know. We are basking in that love this weekend as we move into our new home. We can't wait to invite you over!