Friday, September 27, 2013

She is Here. She is Ours.

SURPRISE! We welcomed a daughter into our family this week! 
Julia Renee Maurer was born on September 18 at 5:58 pm. We learned about her the next morning. Oh we are in love. 
 Clara is more excited than I can express on the blog--look at her eyes in this picture. I have NEVER seen that look in them. God was so gracious to give her exactly what she has prayed for for the last 1 1/2 years. Talk about a great lesson for her.
 We had a 5 day stay in the NICU--our care was FANTASTIC. Seriously. The nurses, staff and doctors were so respectful of us and our birth family. It really was a beautiful scenario. Although it was a great place to be cared for, we were thrilled to be leaving and get home to being a family of 6.
 Wesley is the only one who is "still on the fence" about this little peanut de-throning his long reign as the baby of the family.
 Judah is in love.
 She is beautiful and has a dimple. Gah! I LOVE.
We are adjusting well to being a family of 6 so far. Please continue to pray for us as we welcome this precious gift into our family. Please also keep the birth family in your hearts and prayers. They love this little girl so so much.