Thursday, October 17, 2013

One Month In...

Wow. What a whirl wind. I can hardly believe we have already had Julia in our family for 1 month! How fast this time flies. Every child we have added, I have felt their newness flee quicker and quicker and this is no exception. She changes every day and each day becomes more and more grafted into our family. It really is a beautiful thing.

This sweet baby girl has an amazing story--at some point I believe I will be able to share more but now is not the time. What we can share is God's great mercy, provision and grace throughout this whole situation. I have written several times about the way that God has provided for this adoption and the finalization was a GRAND FINALLY.

My previous post was about how we had gotten a house and how God had really moved to make all the ends meet and timing work out to move etc. What I chose not to mention in that post was that the day before we moved, we got a phone call about a birth mom that the agency wanted to show our profile.  We said yes--knowing very little information. The next day (moving day) I received a phone call from Life Song for Orphans (our funding agency) and they were calling to say that they had re-reviewed our profile and they decided to give us a matching grant. The amount finished out our entire account. That means our adoption was ENTIRELY funded. The day after we got a phone call about a potential birth mom--hmmm. Why would God do that?

Meeting Noni for the first time--Noni drove with Puff all night long to meet her!
I am so grateful that we were VERY busy moving that weekend so my mind was somewhat preoccupied with all the projects we were doing. I was exhausted. After 4 days of major overhaul, we were settled in the new house. Pictures to come. I promise. All through the move and the craziness that is moving a family of 5 into a new house I had a sense that we were going to be a family of 6 very soon. Talk about motivating us to get settled!

Meeting Grandma for the first time. 
Wednesday I was dying to hear from a case worker--any case worker. At the very end of the day I got a call from a blocked number--I knew. The words that would bring peace and fear. Joy and anxiety. Excitement and nervousness. "Hi Emily, I am calling to tell you that ________________ has chosen you and Owen to raise her baby."  Insert hyperventilation here. Although I knew that this call was preliminary, we still had to have a meeting and formally agree, I knew in my heart that this was going to happen.

We met our wonderful, beautiful, birth mom five days later. It was a very tender hour. It is a time I will hold in my heart to share with Julia for all my days. Oh if we could convey the deep love we have for this young woman and the heartache we have for her. Too much for words. She confirmed in our meeting that she was 100% sure that we were the ones for her child--gender yet unknown.

Meeting great Grandma for the first time (Great Grand baby #13)
Fast forward 2 1/2 weeks--we had on and off communication with our birth mom--Although I had some anxiety, I had overwhelming peace too. It's weird to be battling things in my mind/heart that I have dealt with my whole life (control and anxiety) and then be blanketed with such a peace from God that those things were made minimal.

meeting Great Grandpa for the first time. 
Thursday September 19, I received a text from our birth mom (the first after several days) asking me to call her in a few minutes. Of course I called right away at the appointed time and there was no answer. A friend showed up and found me in a very anxious state and in obedience to the Lord she prayed with me. She left and another friend showed up and helped entertain the kids and make lunch etc. One of our pastors from church called to check in and said he felt lead to pray for us and our adoption so we did over the phone. About 10 minutes later the case worker called.  "Emily, I have some news. ___________________ went into labor and had a baby girl yesterday evening."

Words that changed our lives forever.

 More to come...yes we are tired. But we are in love. she is definitely attaching into our family. God's mercy is so rich.