Sunday, January 26, 2014

Anyone still out there?

Oh man. I am so far behind. First things first.
I tried to post pictures but for some reason it wont let me!

Just after my last post, we lost our dear, wonderful, sassy, God-lover martriarc of our family. Grandma Dorothy Maurer. We know she is restored and whole worshiping her Lord and savior in heaven right this moment. Although we miss her we know she is where she has always meant to be. We had a special memorial service for her on November 11--what would have been her and Grandpa's 62nd wedding anniversary. It was the most amazing memorial I have ever been to. We laughed a lot. We cried enough. We celebrated. We worshiped. It was beautiful. I want mine to be just like it--my family remembering my funny quircks, but celebrating the legacy that I leave--I pray that they know like Grandma taught--nothing really matters except knowing Christ and loving Him with our lives.

On that same day, at the wake at Tom and Joy's house, we had a wonderful family time continuing to reminice about Grandma. The kids had played hard and eaten tons of food all day. Late in the afternoon Wesley and Judah were sitting on the carpet playing with cars with a large crowd of adults within sight. Wesley gets up and is immediately crying that "cry" that every mom knows something is wrong. I took him into another room to see if I could calm him down and he was more and more upset, and then he started sweating...hmmm. We thought he had a leg cramp and were rubbing it much to his dismay. Owen reminded me to think logically--(Of Course!) that clearly he could not have hurt himself sitting on the floor. We just needed to get home. We loaded all 6 of us in the car and I rode in the back seat with him. He cried all the way home. We gave him some OTC pain medicine and a shower. He fell asleep for about 30 minutes. Then he woke up and began crying again. We frantically looked for an urgent care as it was close to 9 pm--didn't want to take him to the ER.
I called my dad who happened to be in town (thank God!) and asked if he would go with me. We drove to an urgent care and Wesley did not make a peep the whole way there...he even told me "I walk now" when we got there and I am thinking this was all for not...He put one toe down and was screaming in pain. Ok--so we were here for something. We were seen almost immediately and the NP though this presentation was strange but ordered an x-ray anyway. Wesley was crying and shaking at this point and as the technitian scanned the x-ray onto the computer--I could see the complete spiral tibia fracture. I told her don't move him again because I could see the break and started crying. So good to have my dad there--who promptly reminded me that I needed to have my mommy pants on and I could not cry infront of Wesley--I could cry later. And I did.
They asked if they could give him something for the pain--YES PLEASE! Give him anything you can. They splinted him and sent us home with a large amount of medicine to keep him comfortable.
We were up all night long with him writhing in pain. It was one of the worst nights as a parent ever.
The next day we were able to see a pediatric orthopedist who explained that these types of breaks are not that uncommon for boys his age...something about weight distribution and high speed moves! Yeah that sounds like our Wes.
He was given a hard cast and a large amount of narcotics--for a two year old. He was completely imobile (unwilling to have ANY weight/pain) for 2 weeks. He was on a lot of medicine and very "special" with side effects. He was in his full leg (above the knee) cast for 6 weeks and then in a boot for 4 weeks--and is mostly recovered at this point.
We barely left the house--no parks, no playgroups, no story times. Managing 4 kids is a lot...managing a newborn and a kid with a broken leg seemed almost impossible some days. I am so grateful to our friends and family who came to visit us when we were so homebound! I didn't leave the house by myself with the kids unless I absolutely had to--I am just starting to get back in the groove of leaving again...


Kristal Sawyer said...

Hey!!! I'm just catching up on your blog and see you've had some huge changes!! Wow, just amazing! God is so good!!
I'm back to blogging...would love to reconnect again through this! xo

Kristin said...

Emily! Just stopped in to see how your family is. Congratulations on your new addition. :)