Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Computer Woes

I know virtually nothing about computers...and mine has been acting up. I cannot upload any pictures for some reason and that's a major reason why I have not blogged in such a long time. I hate that. There is so much to catch up I hardly know where to start. Although I'd like to think my self a compelling writer, I know most people come here for the photos.

Everyone is doing great! We are nearing the end of the home school year (can I get a Hallelujah?)
Clara has done amazing this year--especially considering all of the changes, a new home, a new baby, a broken leg (Wesley) and ALL the house projects. I amazed that we are nearing the home stretch. We made the decision that next year she will be enrolled in a local elementary school with a Spanish immersion program. She will enter in with her peers and do 1st grade--although that is the grade we are doing in home school. Because of her December birthday, they wouldn't budge. That's OK, it will give her a lot of time to adjust to the routine of school and learning a new language. One thing that solidifies my joy in home schooling is that Clara accepted Christ as her personal Lord and savior (yes I have a picture of the moment we had together!) and Low and Behold--I learned about it during our home school lesson as we were discussing the Bible portion for the day. Never underestimate the impact a simple conversation can make! Listen to your kids and hear the questions they are asking.

Although Judah is age ready for school, he's not really ready! The more parents I talked to the more confident I become in our decision to keep him home one more year--and yes, I will be home schooling him for kindergarten. Although I was initially planning to put both of them in together, there is just no peace for my mommy heart when I think of him going to school in 5 months. Home is where he needs to be and I have a great opportunity to invest in his education foundation in a new way...without the watchful eye/ correction of his doting big sister. Judah is by far our most verbal kid. He can talk non stop all. day. long. We are hoping that skill serves him well as a radio or TV host at some point in his life. We also hear him teaching his brother about EVERYTHING and interpreting Wesley's jibber jabber.

Wesley is 3 and is giving us every bit as much of a challenge as his big brother and sister did at this age. Three is harder than 2 for our family!( we had such a fun 3rd birthday party for him but again, the pictures wouldn't work!)  His leg is fully recovered and he is all crazy boy. If you ask him his name and he is being coy--he will say BATMAN. We recently took away his "lamby" aka bio-hazardous waste. The kid sucked on that thing like a pacifier and we let it go on for too long. It's been a sad hard transition for him--he now has found other things to suck on...we have a ways to go. But one sweet thing is that he is coming to me and giving me the sweetest snuggles and kisses ever. I love that kid to the moon and back. With him being the "baby" for such a long time (for us) I am not sure if that position has been fully changed in my heart when it comes to him. He is growing like a weed and eats so much food. We joke regularly that I will have to start working just to pay for his food bill when we hit junior high.

Julia. Oh Julia. I wish I could let people have a window to my heart to see the way that the Holy Spirit has melded my heart with hers. No she did not come from my body--but you cannot tell my heart that. Some times i think that people may be suspicious of how adoptive parents love wholeheartedly their children. I love her every ounce the same as my biological children and it is a miracle. Something that is supernatural that I can take no credit for. God is so good. She is meeting developmental milestones and changing & growing every day. She is loud and fits perfectly in our family in that respect. She has learned to sit up on her own which I always feel is such a huge deal! Their perspective changes completely and our interactions/play becomes different. She's eating solid food--and I think wants to be eating more than we're doing--as fast as she can learn how to do it I am feeding it to her. She is still the happiest and most laid back baby ever. She goes with the flow. She is beginning to show quite a bit of preference towards me--which at this point I don't mind. I love to know that she feels the same way about me as I do her.

Owen and I are busier in our relationships than we have ever been. Our relationship. The 4 kids relationships. Our family relationships. Our small group relationships. And now we have birth family relationships. We feel privileged that the Lord has given us the rich blessing of learning how to navigate, encourage and point others to him through all of these lives. Oh but we are learning too. In previous posts I had mentioned that I was unsure if we would have on-going relationship with our birth family...oh how we longed for that and agonized over the fact that they were perhaps not happening (especially on behalf of Julia). But God is healing, moving, and changing hearts. We have recently had contact with both birth parents and extended family. We are learning as we go--definitely not something we are accustomed to--but God is covering us and them with His grace and mercy. Maybe some day I can share in detail the way that God has moved and is moving in these lives and through our relationships and what they mean. They feel to sacred to just lay it out there right now and I don't want to say anything without permission. There are so many thoughts & experiences related to a birth family relationship--it is difficult to keep things quiet--especially because I am a verbal processor!

So much. So much. So much. So good. So loved. So blessed.

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