Thursday, June 12, 2014


I want to revive this blog...oh I really do. Including the updated family pictures and everything. Life has a way of moving so quickly--I barely realize how much time has passed. There has been so much I have missed on here...I think I have forgotten Christmas, Wesley and Judah's birthday and a whole slurry of other activities. Sorry! Hopefully I will be able to maintain this a bit over the next few months.

I am still having issues getting my photos off of my phone and onto my computer...I have no idea how to fix that...But these are a few from Easter. I know LAME!
 We celebrated Easter with my dad and step mom--they made the whole family Chimichangas and they were amazing. The kids had a blast Easter Egg hunting and hanging out with the cousins.
Clara is starting public school in August--a joyful and sad thing for this mama. I know it is the right thing for both of us, but it is so hard to let my baby go into someone else's care for 7 hours! I have to depend on the Lord's mercy for her protection, her safety and that His sweet spirit will protect her heart & mind from being turned to the world.
Judah will be staying home and doing home school for kindergarten. I am excited about this--bonding with him in a special way and teaching the basics of our faith to his heart and mind. I am excited to see him grow in self confidence in the knowledge he has--his heart is so tender and easily discouraged if answers don't come right away!
Wesley is...oh what do we say about Wesley. He is all boy. He loves to play, rough house and be silly. He is learning the art of telling jokes and being the "funny one". He is developing the sweetest most tender love towards Julia. Often when we go places he is the first one to check on her, make sure she is with us and want to hold her hand. He is definitely walking that fine line between boyhood and toddler-hood. Sometimes my mommy heart explodes as I see him mature, and breaks at the same time that this little one who was "my baby" for so long grows and achieves new things.
Julia--my sweet happy Julia-- continues to grow and develop daily. It seems that every time I turn around she has learned some thing new or is working on a new skill. It is all about the thighs! She is a chunk and I love it. Still the happiest baby I have ever met. Easy smile and content in almost all circumstances. She is eating EVERYTHING she can get her hands on and is always very expressive when she tries new flavors and textures. She has mastered scooting around the house and will do a traditional baby crawl on the carpet. The kids compete for her attention. She is dearly loved. She has a cheering section every where she goes, and with every accomplishment, she is met with kisses and hugs. The kids run to me all day long and say things like, "look mom! Julia is_____________" I never miss a moment...and there is something about this sweet time with the littles that I don't want to miss a moment either.
We do have a lot of major changes coming up in our family...I will need this blog to get my thoughts and funny moments out. Hopefully I can iron out my computer kinks. I also have some beautiful things to share about our open adoption journey but the time just hasn't been right--another reason for silence for so long. We are good. We love. We live. And hopefully we Blog! 

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