Saturday, August 2, 2014

Reviving--picture catch up

Wesley Turned 3 and he looked just like this kid on his birthday card.

steeling my heart.

The boys learned that if they played in the mud without permission they have to take a bath in the laundry room sink

We refinished our cabinets and our kitchen & play room were welcomed to the 21st century! 

Clara accepted Jesus Christ as her savior 

We have precious time with our birth mom--as you can see Julia loves it too! 

Sisters growing bond

someone found her toes

Wesley fell in love with Julia on this day. It was beautiful

Rach and I got to go see The Bible, Son of God tour. It was great. 

Clara became a teenager for a moment.


all the grandkids! 

Celebrating my birthday with my sis--we look only slightly alike here! 

Really? No words needed

mothers day with all the mothers

My favorite picture & moment so far 

Judah Turned 5

I finally discovered how to do my pictures! Yay! Maybe now I can start blogging again. Also, life seems to be "slowing down" as much as it can as a family of 6. Clara starts school on Monday--There will be tears. I will home school Judah this year and keep the others from killing themselves playing nicely during his lesson times. There are so many monumental moments that I will re-cap here soon. For reals this time.

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Melissa said...

Beautiful pictures! Gorgeous family!